Ryzex Offers Mobile Technology Upgrade Credit

Sept. 16, 2009
Ryzex introduces its Intelligent Refresh (i-Refresh) program for barcode, scanner and mobile computing equipment.

Under the program, if a company upgrades its mobile technology within 12 months of purchasing a pre-paid, one-year Ryzex maintenance contract, Ryzex will apply up to 100% of that contract’s cost toward an upgrade.

To participate in i-Refresh, a company purchases a pre-paid maintenance contract on existing equipment. Ryzex says no upfront equipment purchase commitment is required. Mobile computer upgrades can be selected from Ryzex’s catalog, which includes devices from many manufacturers.

“We recognize that in any difficult economic environment, and especially the current one, it’s hard for companies to justify investing more in the latest technology,” says Lorne Rubis, CEO and president at Ryzex, “which is exactly why we’re rolling out i-Refresh, to allow companies to both maximize existing investments by prolonging the life of mobile equipment, while also paving the way for future upgrades to the latest solutions.”