Oct. 9, 2008
KANSAS CITY, Kans. Rush Tracking Systems, announced general availability for its VisiblEdge RFID lift truck package. Combining state-of-the-art application

KANSAS CITY, Kans. – Rush Tracking Systems, announced general availability for its VisiblEdge™ RFID lift truck package. Combining state-of-the-art application software, RFID hardware, and positioning technology on lift trucks, VisiblEdge maximizes tracking efficiency by providing real-time operational visibility with automatic RFID data collection.

Resulting from significant development efforts, years of collective experience and successful pilot rograms, VisiblEdge enables unprecedented granularity for identifying and tracking the status and location of goods and assets. This results in improved operational control, greater inventory and shipping accuracy, streamlined material movement processes, and reduced working capital.

“Working closely with our clients, we developed VisiblEdge in response to a growing need for greater granularity and real-time visibility in manufacturing and warehouse operations,” said Toby Rush, president and CEO of Rush Tracking Systems. “By enabling automated control and minimizing necessary human intervention, VisiblEdge helps organizations improve operational effectiveness, efficiencies, productivity and throughput.”

Ideally suited for heavy industrial and returnable container applications, VisiblEdge automatically tracks product and asset movement. VisiblEdge enables organizations to automatically capture lift truck locations, and determines and verifies pickup status and location of loads, without any required operator scanning or typing.

VisiblEdge is designed to work with existing equipment and interface with existing systems.

Components of the turnkey package include:
• VisiblEdge software – Developed by Rush Tracking Systems, serves as the interface to the RFID reader to control and coordinate all components, and integrates with off-the-shelf RFID middleware and backend software applications.
• Industrial-grade RFID reader – Capable of withstanding shock and vibration common to industrial operations.
• Cargo antennas – Quickly identifies a single pallet, double stacked pallets, or short pallets. Depending on the composite materials of the load, the contents can also be confirmed.
• Rugged rack tag antenna – Reads RFID tags that are placed on the shelves where assets are stored.
• Floor tag antenna – Reads RFID tags embedded in the floor.
• Cargo presence lift sensor – Triggers when the RFID reader turns on and off to eliminate reading tags on assets if a lift truck drives by without a load.

“VisiblEdge demonstrates our continued dedication to helping our clients deliver the greatest business value through strategic RFID investments,” said Rush.

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