Sortation Equipment and System Audits

May 7, 2009
Audits and service support help operating performance from sortation equipment and systems.

(ST. LOUIS) FKI Logistex®, announced that it now offers a performance audit program for its sliding shoe, linear belt and pop-up wheel sortation equipment and systems, including the UniSort product line. The audit is designed to reveal cost-efficient ways to optimize system capacity and throughput, improve equipment utilization and extend system life.

Performed by a certified FKI Logistex audit engineer, audits include a complete equipment inspection and review of operational and maintenance procedures. The comprehensive service also includes a detailed audit report containing equipment drawings, performance checklists and digital photographs for technical reference. Recommendations for maintenance, upgrades or modifications are accompanied by a complete list of recommended spare parts. The audit engineer will also provide schedules for recommended future audits and preventive maintenance.

“Boosting the performance and uptime of existing sortation equipment and systems allows companies to meet increasing operational requirements without investing in new equipment,” said Chris Roach, vice president of Customer Service & Support, FKI Logistex North America. “The audit pinpoints where improvements can be made and identifies cost-effective ways to maximize system capacity and to prolong equipment life.”

For more information, call the FKI Logistex Customer Service and Support (CSS) group at +1 (800) 992-1267 or e-mail [email protected].