New Assessment Services Help Identify Equipment Performance Issues

Sept. 1, 2003
MILWAUKEE, Sept. 2, 2003 - To help manufacturers increase uptime and improve production efficiencies, Rockwell Automation introduces a portfolio of assessment

MILWAUKEE, Sept. 2, 2003 - To help manufacturers increase uptime and improve production efficiencies, Rockwell Automation introduces a portfolio of assessment tools designed to identify opportunities for process improvement in maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) practices. The Manufacturing Performance Assessment programs identify performance issues, establish baseline metrics and outline recommended corrective actions that can be implemented to increase machine availability, reliability and safety.

The assessment components include the Machinery Condition Evaluation, Plant Baseline Evaluation, Installed Base Evaluation and Integrated Performance Assessment tools. Together, these components are designed to uncover opportunities to help increase both operator and machine efficiency as well as assist companies in the adoption of proactive, predictive maintenance activities. Individually, the assessments can be used to target specific areas of concern.

"Many manufacturers rely on intuition and experience and assume their processes are designed well enough to meet production goals," said Mike Laszkiewicz, vice president, Asset Management, Rockwell Automation. "By assessing the maintenance and engineering process, surrounding activities and supporting resources, we can identify the factors that are inhibiting equipment and operator performance."

The Machinery Condition Evaluation outlines a step-by-step plan for manufacturers to implement a customized predictive maintenance program or enhance an existing one. The goal is to provide greater long-term productivity improvements and move companies away from more costly routine activities to an efficient, predictive approach. Based on the audit results, an implementation plan is developed to focus on the organization's current needs, resources and existing production schedules.

In the Plant Baseline Evaluation, Rockwell Automation assessment specialists gather performance data on production machinery in order to determine optimum operating parameters. The result is a comprehensive, easy-to-read summary that identifies existing and potential problems and suggests corrective measures to resolve or prevent unplanned downtime.

The Installed Base Evaluation helps companies document their installed base of production equipment and associated spare parts inventory. By providing statistically- calculated MRO inventory level recommendations, organizations can better match demand for storeroom inventories to their actual production assets. This allows managers to efficiently manage spare parts inventories and MRO expenses.

The Integrated Performance Assessment carefully examines the people, organizational systems, processes and industrial technologies that influence productivity. At the center of the Rockwell Automation approach is the belief that training alone does not solve performance issues. Instead, an organization first must change behavior or processes that obstruct productivity. The assessment goes beyond traditional coursework and skills training to help companies maximize performance and achieve ongoing productivity gains by addressing a multitude of issues affecting a company's workforce.

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