Intermec Introduces RFID Partner Certification Program

Nov. 1, 2003
EVERETT, Wash., -- With the rapid proliferation of RFID applications and in response to increasing customer demands for more qualified sources of RFID

EVERETT, Wash., -- With the rapid proliferation of RFID applications and in response to increasing customer demands for more qualified sources of RFID integration services, Intermec Technologies Corp. today introduced a new RFID partner program for Intermec Honors Partners that will ensure Intermec partners have the tools and training necessary to engage in RFID implementations. The program's two levels, Authorized Partners and Certified Partners, allow partners to build a foundation of RFID knowledge and to broaden their areas of expertise and participation in this growing market.

RFID, a complement to industry's current bar code-based tracking systems, allows companies to automatically track inventory throughout an entire supply chain. RFID automatic data collection does not require line of sight or manual scanning as do bar code-based systems. For example, information from RFID-tagged cases on a pallet can be read automatically as the entire load passes through a doorway, rather than requiring individual case bar code scanning. Intermec's Intellitag® RFID technology adds the capability to change and update the information on each tag as it proceeds, providing new levels of up-to-date information for better decision making.

The program's curriculum and technology supports all relevant existing and emerging standards, as well as the still-evolving ePC specification.

According to the provisions of the new program, Intermec Certified Partners will be able to provide their customers with proven, well-defined RFID value-added services, including RFID tag development, RFID-specific business processes, and products and services that complement Intermec RFID systems. Certified Partners will have the knowledge and expertise to install custom software at the API level, as well as a thorough understanding of the mechanical and civil work that often accompanies an RFID installation. Only Certified Partners will be approved to sell Intermec RFID products, complete RFID site evaluations and specify Intermec RFID solutions.

Intermec Authorized Partners will have an understanding of the fundamentals of RFID technology and potential applications, features and functions of the equipment and tags, as well as a thorough understanding of all elements required to complete a successful implementation. They will possess all the skills necessary to provide customers with Intermec RFID products and services.

"Intermec knows that companies need an array of RFID products and services -integration, middleware, application interfaces and hardware," said Intermec Executive Vice President Tom Miller. "This new partner program is one of the many steps Intermec is taking to make sure our customers get accurate, consistent information and advice and the most reliable technical leadership."

Training for each level of the program includes a thorough overview of RFID technology, a history and technical explanation of the Intellitag family of products, basic installation, tag selection and RFID theory. The training is designed to provide the necessary skills to evaluate the requirements and design of an RFID system. Integral to the program, partners receive hands-on experience that focuses on real-world RFID applications.

Intermec RFID already is at work throughout the world, deployed in wide-ranging applications that include agricultural product traceability, food processing, automotive parts management and automobile manufacturing work in process (WIP), biohazard waste disposal, personnel identification, and inventory and asset management.

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