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Cut Down On Ocean Containers

Nov. 3, 2010
Schneider Logistics offers a free Web-based calculator that demonstrates the potential benefits of utilizing transloading services for commonly used shipping routes versus sending an ocean container directly to the final destination. The calculator is available on Schneider’s website:

Just input an origin port, a destination port and a final destination city, along with the average number of containers traveling the route annually. After clicking a button, the calculator immediately generates an estimated annual cost savings, cost savings per container, annual miles reduction and the carbon footprint savings when compared to moving ocean containers to inland points. The calculator also provides an estimated number of days to deliver, representing the time from when Schneider receives freight at the port to the minute it reaches its final destination.

A port-centric transloading model utilizes containers more efficiently and provides significant savings to shippers by eliminating the return of empty containers to the port. Environmentally, with fewer miles traveled by carriers returning empty containers to ports, less fuel is consumed and air emissions are reduced. The calculator returns its sustainability-related results in measures used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

With transloading, it’s possible to make last-minute adjustments regarding routing, ensuring delivery from any port to any final destination.

Schneider Logistics, Inc.