Lift Height Sensor

Jan. 14, 2008
New Castle, Delaware,Sky-Trax, Inc. is pleased to announce the commercial release of the Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor. Designed to determine the specific

New Castle, Delaware, Sky-Trax, Inc. is pleased to announce the commercial release of the Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor™. Designed to determine the specific height of a fork truck’s forks, the Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor ™ HS-1C is the perfect solution for continuous measurement of the height of forks on any forklift truck for on-board data collection, inventory management and other automation systems. The Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor has many capabilities including: determining height levels ranging from zero to a maximum of thirty feet from the floor, accuracy of better then +/- 2” throughout its range, and providing a stable mast height determination within one second at any time.

The Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor can also be accompanied by an optional USB interface module and software to capture the lift height data on any computer running the MS-Windows XP or Vista operating system. The optional USB user interface can be used for configuring and defining the Height Sensor to all system definable parameters and will continuously display the current height of the forks.

“The Sky-Trax Lift Height Sensor is a very exciting addition to our family of Sky-Trax products” said Larry Mahan, Sky-Trax President. “Sky-Trax offers its customers many different solutions and systems and now we are entering into a new phase of our product line, offering after market products that can be added to any onboard vehicle network. Both the Pallet Detector and Height Sensor are great additions and we are looking forward to expanding our product line again in the very near future.” In addition to the recent commercial release of the Sky-Trax Pallet Detector™ and the Sky-Trax Height Sensor™, Sky-Trax will be releasing the greatly anticipated Skan-Free™ system, which removes the necessity of having forklift drivers scan barcodes. And later this year, customers can look forward to the release of the Total-Trax™ system. Total-Trax, is the revolutionary integration of two of Sky-Trax’s primary systems: STS™ and Skan-Free™ brought together to create Sky-Trax’s first premium package product.

For more information about The Sky-Trax Height Sensor™ HS-1C product, please visit us online at: or contact a Sky-Trax representative 866-927-4927.