Intelligrated Robotic Palletizers

July 1, 2010
Intelligrated, a North American-owned automated material handling solution provider, announces the launch of the Alvey Robotic Retrofit Program for its line of Alvey in-line case palletizers.

Retrofits are completed on-site by removing the slat divider and existing case turners from the Alvey in-line case palletizer and installing one or two robotic arms for pattern forming. Intelligrated offers each customer a choice of robotic arm OEM and operating software. Every robotic retrofit includes design and manufacturing of end-of-arm tooling, OIT (Operator Interface Terminal) screens, infeed conveyor and PLC programming.

Intelligrated claims, the Alvey retrofits has gentler positioning and rotation of product, automatic line changeovers, pattern changing flexibility and extended operational life while exceeding packaging rates of 100 cases per minute. With the use of the Alvey retrofit, Intelligrated says operators have the ability to handle changing packages and multiple SKUs quickly, and patterns can be programmed to orient high-graphic packaging.