New Products

March 1, 2010
POWERED VEHICLES AGV HK Systems Inc. introduces a automated guided vehicle (AGVs) that uses a roller fork mechanism. The company says the AGV is suitable



HK Systems Inc. introduces a “pallet-free” automated guided vehicle (AGVs) that uses a roller fork mechanism. The company says the AGV is suitable for handling slip sheets and pallets and can interface with push-back racking systems. The new product is part of HK Systems' “Automate the Conventional” AGV lineup.

HK Systems Inc.
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High-Capacity Trucks

Hyster Co. launches the H550-700HD series of 55,000- to 70,000-pound-capacity lift trucks, suitable for steel manufacturing, loading cargo at ports or moving and stacking loaded and unloaded containers. The trucks feature “Power-on-Demand” load-sensing hydraulic systems, which only pump fluid when it's needed to do work. This leads to lower hydraulic oil temperature and extended life of hydraulic oil, filter, hoses, seals and components, according to Hyster. The systems can also reduce fuel consumption, since the engine operates mostly in low-rpm ranges. The lift trucks are equipped with new, heavy-duty cooling systems, self-cleaning Sy-Klone Air Pre-Cleaners that extend the life of air filters, ComforCab II operator compartments and powertrain protection systems that reduce power or shut down the truck under certain conditions to avoid damage.

Hyster Co.
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Fuel-Cell Lift Truck

Linde Material Handling has added fuel cell-powered lift trucks to its product lineup. Based on the Linde E30 3-ton electric counterbalanced truck, the new lift trucks have a fuel cell and storage tank that holds 3.5 pounds of hydrogen gas at 5,076 psi. The fuel cell and tank replaces the usual 80-volt battery. Electricity generated from the hydrogen supplies electric motors that power the truck. The trucks also feature supercaps, which are large condensers that act as buffers to cover performance peaks, such as pulling away or lifting. The fuel-cell trucks were developed over the last two years with Hydrogenics, a Canadian fuel cell manufacturer. Gruma Nutzfahrzeuge, based in Germany, services and maintains the new trucks.

Linde Material Handling
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Lift Truck Scale

Mettler Toledo introduces the VFS220 on-board lift truck scale, which allows users to obtain accurate weight readings without transporting loads to and from the scale. Used as an aftermarket add-on to any Class 2 lift truck, the VFS220 has two components: a scale carriage installed between the lift bracket and forks, and a scale controller mounted on the head guard. The moving scale carriage communicates with the controller by radio signal, and the center of the carriage is open, providing high visibility for the lift truck operator. A touch-screen interface allows the operator to complete a variety of weighing transactions in a few steps, according to Mettler Toledo. Available weighing tasks include: gross weighing, net weighing with push-button tare, net weighing with keyboard tare, accumulating gross weights, accumulating net weights, less-than-truckload transactions, multiple transaction storage and counting. With a wireless network adapter, the scale controller can transmit data instantly to a wireless local area network. The PC card adapter uses standard Wi-Fi protocol, and the controller is compatible with printers, barcode scanners and RFID tag readers.

Mettler Toledo
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IC Lift Trucks

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks introduces a new line of mid-size internal combustion (IC) pneumatic tire lift trucks. Offered in five capacities, ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 pounds, the trucks are designed for heavy-duty applications. The FG40N-FG55N LP gas and FD40N-FD55N diesel trucks feature two-speed forward and one-speed reverse transmissions and EPA-compliant envirO2 engines. An engine protection system helps prevent overheating by automatically reducing RPMs if engine coolant temperatures get too hot, according to Mitsubishi Caterpillar North America, the manufacturer. Options include ground speed limiters, operator comfort enhancements, air intake pre-cleaners, side shifters and panel cabs.

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift
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Methanol Fuel Cell

The new OorjaPac Model 1 methanol fuel cell from Oorja Protonics continuously “trickle-charges” the on-board battery in a material handling vehicle, regardless of whether the vehicle is operating or parked. This ensures the battery never reaches a state of deep discharge, according to the company. Designed for use with Class 1 and 2 lift trucks, the Model 1 is powered by an 11-gallon methanol fuel tank that can power two eight-hour shifts. In addition, Oorja Protonics claims the new fuel cell is 50 times more powerful than other direct methanol fuel cell products. It has a 4.5kW power output and an operating cost of 0.18/kW-hour, the company says.

Oorja Protonics
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Photoelectric Sensors

The View series of photoelectric sensors from Eaton includes the IntelliView and NanoView product families. IntelliView sensors are compact, high-performance specialty photoelectric sensors that incorporate a variety of new sensing capabilities, including color, contrast and luminescence; field-adjustable foreground and background suppression; short-range distance sensing with analog outputs; and long-range, high-precision laser distance sensing with analog outputs. Measuring less than 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches deep, NanoView sensors are sub-miniature, rectangular photoelectric sensors designed for sensing applications requiring reduced dimensions and costs.

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Warehouse Software

Fishbowl announces Mobile Warehouse software, which allows users to process, transfer and receive warehouse inventory in real time. The software integrates with the company's Inventory 2010 technology and Quickbooks and offers receiving, picking and information retrieval features. Users can look up part descriptions and UPCs and access real-time part tracking information. Scanned information is stored in a hand-held device and processed to Fishbowl Inventory at the end of the order.

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Barcode Scanners

The new DS3500 series of rugged digital barcode scanners from the Enterprise Mobility Solutions division of Motorola Inc. is suitable for capturing data from 1D and 2D barcodes in harsh industrial environments. The scanners also support images, direct part marks (DPM) and item unique identification (IUID) symbologies. Equipped with a 624-MHz microprocessor, the DS3500 series can decode barcodes within milliseconds, regardless of size or density, according to Motorola. Features include fast-pulse illumination and fast sensor shutter speed as well as omni-directional scanning functionality. The DS3500 series of digital scanners includes six models, three of which are available as cordless versions with integrated Bluetooth technology. The DS3508-SR corded and DS3578-SR cordless scanners are designed for scan-intensive, fast-paced warehouses, transportation and logistics settings and retail backrooms. The DS3508-HD corded and DS3578-HD cordless scanners can read very small and dense 1D and 2D barcodes. The DS3508-DP corded and DS3578-DP cordless models combine DPM-specific software with IUID parsing capabilities.

Motorola Inc.
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Vertical Lift

The new DynaCon vertical lift conveyor from Dynamic Conveyor can be used with a multi-stacked DynaCon conveyor system or as a free-standing addition to an existing conveyor system. The vertical lift conveyor, available in widths ranging from 4 to 60 inches, meets ANSI/ASME B20.1, Safety Standard for Conveyors, and is corrosion resistant, according to Dynamic. The lifting actuator, powered by an electric motor, allows the unit to lift 100 pounds to heights of 16 feet.

Dynamic Conveyor
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Access Interlock

Through its partnership with Castell, Tapeswitch introduces Salus, a trapped key access interlock suitable for industrial doors. According to Tapeswitch, Salus offers low maintenance, fast commissioning, high speed of access and efficient operation via an “easy-close” alignment feature. New features include an integrated lock cover, ergonomic housing and the ability to close gates or doors, even when they are misaligned. The stainless-steel lock housing and mechanism are suitable for use in food or pharmaceutical applications. Salus can be used with both sliding and hinged doors.

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MRO Catalog

W.W. Grainger Inc. has released its 2010 catalog, which includes more than 300,000 maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) products. The company says the new catalog reflects its largest offering ever, with nearly 85,000 new cutting tools, shelving and storage and fleet maintenance products. Grainger also notes that many of the products help customers address current business challenges, such as sustainability, safety and business continuity. The company says almost 500,000 products are also available online, and new items are continually being added.

W.W. Grainger Inc.
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Stretch Wrapping/Palletizing Cell

Schneider Packaging Equipment and Lantech introduce the stack and wrap palletizing/stretch wrapping cell, which builds unit loads on the stretch wrapper. The system combines two or more lines into a centralized, automated palletizing stretch wrapping station to accommodate lightweight, unstable loads and conserve floor space. Schneider engineered the palletizing system to include a Fanuc robotic arm between two Lantech Q-600 stretch wrappers. An automatic pallet dispenser and conveyor system delivers an empty pallet to each stretch wrapper, while product is delivered from two production lines to the palletizing cell. The robotic arm builds layers of product on each of the wrappers. Once a predetermined number of cases are loaded onto the first pallet, the first wrapper stabilizes the load layers by applying stretch film. At this point, the robotic arm begins building a load on the second stretch wrapper. This process repeats as the wrapper and robotic arm alternate building and wrapping the load in predetermined increments until the load is complete and product is discharged to a conveyor transfer system. The stack and wrap palletizing cell can simultaneously palletize different lines with different sizes and types of products, according to Lantech.

Schneider Packaging Equipment
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