New Products

July 1, 2009
INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES Ergonomic Lift Truck Cabs Doosan has announced new cab options designed to enhance operator comfort, even in harsh applications. Available


Ergonomic Lift Truck Cabs

Doosan has announced new cab options designed to enhance operator comfort, even in harsh applications. Available with the company's 4,000- to 12,000-pound pneumatic lift trucks, the new features include additional insulation under the floorplate and between the counterweight casting and frame as well as sound absorption material inside the engine, compartment hood, in the ceiling panel and doors and behind the seat. As a result, sound levels are reduced to 85 dB(A). High-airflow heating and air conditioning also enhance operator ergonomics.
Doosan Infracore Forklifts

Transfer Cars

A new line of transfer cars, designed to receive and discharge pallets and other heavy loads, is available from Specialty Equipment. These rugged transfer cars are built in a variety of sizes and capacities for 1,000- to 10,000-pound payloads. Whether the need is for short- or long-distance delivery or multi-level loading and unloading, each transfer car is designed to suit the application. Surface conveyors are powered rollers, wire-mesh belt, or multi-strand chain conveyors, depending on the application. Options include personnel safety bumpers, festoon power supply, V-grooved wheels and urethane wheels.
Specialty Equipment

Hybrid Lift Truck

Toyota Material Handling is launching the Geneo-Hybrid internal combustion (IC) hybrid lift truck. This 8,000-pound, counterbalanced lift truck has a 2.5-liter diesel engine, electric motor and nickel-metal hydride battery. These features are designed to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 50%. The lift truck has a series hybrid system in which the drive motor runs on electric energy from the engine-powered generator and battery. Load-handling functions are powered by a parallel hybrid system with a hydraulic pump that receives mechanical energy from the diesel engine and generator and electric energy from the battery. The nickel hydride battery is recharged by the engine's operation and does not require plug-in recharging. The truck also uses regenerative energy from the release of the accelerator and during switch-back operation.
Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc.

Heavy-Duty Wheels

The Trans-forma HD series of wheels from Colson Caster has both hard- and soft-tread advantages. It combines the durability of hard-tread wheels with features of softer-tread products, which allow the wheel to resist and cushion impacts as well as glide quietly while protecting surfaces. The tread material is chemically bonded to a tough, waffle design polyolefin wheel core for a hardy, non-marking ride. The new HD model is constructed with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tread that has a much harder durometer. The TPE material resists water damage associated with hydrolysis from wet and punishing applications. The new Trans-forma HD wheel is available in 4-, 5- and 6-inch diameters, each with a 2-inch tread width. The HD series includes capacity ratings from 600 to 900 pounds, depending on wheel diameter.
Colson Caster Corp.


Heavy-Duty Robot

Fanuc Robotics has introduced the M-2000iA/1200 super heavy-duty robot, able to lift parts weighing up to 3,000 pounds. It is designed to handle truck, tractor and automotive frames and other large castings. Like all Fanuc robots, it operates with the company's R-30iA controller with integrated intelligent functions, such as vision and force sensing. The Fanuc iRVision system is a ready-to-use robotic vision package, available on all of the company's robots, that requires only a camera and cable. It has a 2D robot guidance tool to accomplish part location, error proofing and other operations that normally require special sensors or custom fixtures. For robotic vision processes that exceed the capability of 2D vision systems, Fanuc Robotics offers an integrated 3D vision system.
Fanuc Robotics America Inc.

4-Axis Robot

The four-axis MPK50 robot from Motoman offers a payload of 110.3 pounds and a 360-degree work envelope. Designed for high-speed packing applications, the MPK50 is floor mounted and has a 65.7-inch vertical reach, 78.6-inch horizontal reach and 0.02-inch repeatability. The robot's DX100 controller manages eight robots (72 axes), I/O devices and communication protocols. It uses a Windows CE programming pendant with touchscreen. Additional features of the DX100 controller include fast processing speeds, advanced robot arm motion, built-in collision avoidance, quick I/O response and fast Ethernet communication.

Laser Fork Sensors

Sick's WFL Laser Fork Sensors use Class I, low-power lasers to ensure the smallest light size (0.05-mm wide) for detecting small targets. In addition, the sensor's laser light spot is visible to the human eye, enabling simple and quick setup. It features high switching frequencies of 10 kHz. Applications for the sensors include label detection in packaging and food and beverage markets and detection of needles in the medical/pharmaceutical markets. Other applications include detecting transparent bottles, ensuring precise positioning of a robot arm and detecting the position of a piston.
Sick Inc.


Vertical Rail Lifter

With 400 pounds of lift capacity and 100 inches of vertical travel, Positech's Vertical Rail Lifter can be used as an ergonomic lift assist for reaching into, under and around obstacles. The lifting device consists of a vertical beam with moving rollers, which create a stable lifting platform. The V-Rail Lifter is pneumatically operated but does not require an air lubricator. It rotates 360 degrees at its main post and can be mounted on an overhead platform trolley or articulated jib boom. The V-Rail Lifter requires 90-psi clean, dry air to operate at rated lift capacity.
Positech Corp.

Davit Crane

Thern's portable davit crane is designed for maintenance and repair operations. The load-handling solution is used throughout manufacturing facilities to lift and position manufacturing dies, raw materials and equipment. The crane is also used to raise and lower motors, blowers, AC equipment or submersible pumps during maintenance or replacement of these items. Featuring solid steel, lightweight construction, 360-degree rotation and an adjustable boom, the crane can lift and position 2,000-pound loads. Users can move davits between workstations, allowing one crane to do the work of multiple units. The boom adjusts for height and reach, maximizing an operator's workspace. The davit crane is available with manual and electric winch units and in pedestal, flush and wall-mount base options.


Cold Chain Coolers

Instapak TempGuard cold chain packaging from Sealed Air is designed to keep temperature-sensitive products safe during shipment. These coolers can be custom designed to accommodate the exact size and shape of the product using inexpensive wood or plastic molds and the correct density of Instapak polyurethane foam. Coolers can be designed with cavities customized to fit the right amount of gel refrigerant or dry ice. Since the foam is not fused to an inside or outside corrugated shipping container, the cooler is reusable.
Sealed Air

Reusable Container

The 1200 container from International Contract Molding (ICM), made of MDPE resin, is an alternative to steel containers and cardboard gaylords. With the optional lid, the 1200 can be stacked and keeps contents protected from the elements. Used for material storage, inventory or transport, the container is strong, reusable, waterproof and rustproof, according to the company. The 1200 container is also available with casters.
International Contract Molding (ICM),

Twist-and-Lock Containers

Plastican's new line of plastic pails includes a twist-and-lock feature. Currently available with 3-, 3 ½- and 5-gallon containers, the feature is designed to make the containers easy to open and close. Pushing a tab and twisting the lid opens the container, and twisting the lid locks it in place for secure closing. Recyclable and stackable, the Twist-and-Lock containers offer various labeling options, including graphics and barcodes.
Plastican Inc.

Corrugate Case Erector

Schneider Packaging Equipment has introduced the HCE corrugate case erector for automatic forming and sealing of single-, double- and triple-wall corrugate cases. The HCE can be used to package glass, perishables and other fragile products. It is available with tape or glue sealing and features a positive case-opening mechanism to handle cases that are difficult to open. Positive case-transfer and servo-motion control allows the system to handle case variations without interruptions, and a “memory stop” feature ensures quick restarts. Touchscreen HMI is standard. The HCE is available in painted steel or stainless steel for wash-down applications.
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. Inc.


Counting Scale

Rice Lake Weighing Systems has announced the FC-i series of counting scales from A&D Weighing. The FC-i has an internal resolution of 1/1,000,000, and the FC-Si has an internal resolution of 1/5,000,000. The FC-i series scales operate on an LED-prompting navigation system, which illuminates each button and guides the user through each step. Features include A&D's Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement (ACAI), which is said to increase speed and accuracy. A bi-directional RS-232 interface is standard on both models.
Rice Lake Weighing Systems


Long Zone Concept

Hytrol's Long Zone concept allows managers to use zones up to 10 feet long with fewer EZLogic zone controllers. These features work together to lower system cost. The EZLogic accumulation system produces dense product accumulation.
Hytrol Conveyor Company Inc.

Slat Spirals

Ryson has added 8-inch and 20-inch-wide slat spirals to its dual-spiral product line. Two tracks operate within one spiral structure. Both tracks can go up or down, and can optionally be reversible. Only one drive motor is required for each track. The dual spiral is designed for low maintenance and long life. Models with dual 8-, 12-, 16- or 20-inch-wide slats are available.



The new Advance Condor XL rider-scrubber from Nilfisk-Advance offers a wide cleaning path for large cleaning applications and front-wheel steering for maneuverability. Counter-rotating cylindrical brushes sweep and scrub in a single pass for cleaning in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, beverage distributing or food processing facilities. The Condor XL has a 100-gallon solution tank and 67-inch-wide cleaning path, allowing it to clean 100,000 square feet without stopping. It also features the Advance AXP onboard detergent dispensing system that delivers chemicals at a specified dilution ratio. Side brooms are equipped with the Advance DustGuard dust-suppression system, which controls dust by creating a “fog” around each broom that prevents dust from becoming airborne and settling on adjacent surfaces.

Compact Industrial Fan

Big Ass Fans has introduced Isis, a fan specifically designed for small industrial spaces with ceilings as low as 12 feet. Isis uses its size and 10 airfoils, rather than speed, to move large volumes of air. The amount of energy Isis needs is said to be equivalent to the amount used to power a refrigerator light bulb. The fan is designed to move enough air to replace nine standard small industrial fans. The fan's pre-wired controls are wall mounted for convenient access.
Big Ass Fans