Cantilevered Gravity Trailer Loader

Sept. 1, 2004
Grand Rapids, MichiganSiemens Logistics and Assembly Systems introduces the Cantilevered Gravity Trailer Loader, a cantilever based, retractable gravity

Grand Rapids, Michigan—Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems introduces the Cantilevered Gravity Trailer Loader, a cantilever based, retractable gravity conveyor designed to automate the loading of trailers in distribution and warehousing applications.
The new, wide design provides increased accumulation capacity versus other trailer loading technologies - freeing upstream conveyors and reducing sorter re-circulation. The cantilever base and powered three-stage telescoping booms retract to provide a reduced footprint size – conserving valuable floor space for more storage and better dock space utilization.

The Cantilevered Gravity Trailer Loader has several new innovations that provide worker safety and convenience. PVC gravity rollers are used to quietly transport and accumulate product in the extended operating mode, and sloped side channels capture and hold product onto the transport rollers. An articulating belted end provides improved worker ergonomics by positioning packages at optimum levels for easy transfer into the trailer. Ergonomic loading provides a secondary, often-overlooked benefit: improved trailer load density. Cantilevered Gravity Trailer Loaders require minimal worker training so productivity gains are almost immediate.

Siemens Dematic manufactures a complete line of trailer loading products including belt transport models for loading or unloading (as well as reversible models), and a complete line of steerable drive-in style loaders and unloaders featuring belt transport or electronic accumulation.

About Siemens
Siemens Logistics and Assembly Systems, Inc.(L&A) is one of Siemens' operating companies in the United States. With its North American headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, the Distribution and Industry group is a subsidiary of Siemens (L&A) AG, based in Nuremberg, Germany. The company is the world’s leading supplier of logistics and factory automation systems. As a systems integrator, Siemens supplies a full range of products and services, from individual products and systems to complete turnkey facilities as a general contractor. It consists of four business units: Distribution and Industry, Postal Automation, Airport Logistics and Electronics Assembly Systems. The company, with approximately 10,000 employees worldwide has a business volume of around $2.8 billion. For more information: