Viacore's BusinessTone to Support the Sharing of Real-Time RFID Information

June 1, 2005
IRVINE, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Viacore, the leader in partnerintegration and management for real-time, inter-enterprise informationnetworks,

IRVINE, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Viacore, the leader in partner
integration and management for real-time, inter-enterprise information
networks, today announced the availability of its BusinessTone solution for
companies that need to share RFID information with trading partners.
BusinessTone can now help companies maximize the value they receive from using
RFID tags by providing a real-time information network for all of their
inter-enterprise processes.
"RFID information is a perishable commodity," said Fadi Chehade, chairman
and CEO of Viacore. "Companies are investing millions of dollars to track
material goods via RFID tags, but have not built or optimized inter-enterprise
information networks needed to share this information in real time or
incorporate it into enterprise applications. Viacore's BusinessTone enables
the efficient and cost effective sharing of RFID electronic product code
BusinessTone is ideally suited for sharing RFID electronic product code
information, along with other XML-based B2B processes. It provides a
centralized integration management interface that offers companies an
aggregate and standardized view of partner on-boarding and process exchange
activity, including business key performance indicators (KPIs). BusinessTone
is enterprise application independent, enabling companies to integrate
customer and supplier information into a wide variety of business
intelligence, supply chain management and enterprise resource management
According to GartnerG2, leading retailers already piloting RFID will gain
up to three years' competitive advantage with their improved product
availability. Retailers that are already testing RFID have begun to institute
new and redesigned business processes. As they carry out larger rollouts,
their supply chain processes will become more efficient, and will help them
pull away from their competitors. These retailers will start a general shift
in the industry, from processes enabled by RFID (such as more efficient
handover between day and night replenishment teams) to those in which RFID
plays a central part, and which take maximum advantage of the unique
properties of the technology. For example, RFID can provide real-time product
data to improve stock visibility and existing mark-down processes. (1)
Through the development and management of real-time information networks,
BusinessTone has contributed to Viacore's customers saving more than $500
million dollars over the past four years. These savings have come from early
warning and correction of information disconnects which have led to lower
expedited shipping costs, higher order fulfillment rates, and increased
customer satisfaction, among other business successes.
BusinessTone simplifies the creation and management of real-time
information networks. It provides a web-based platform for managing and
optimizing complex partner on-boarding; process exchange monitoring and
alert/exception management; testing and diagnostics; service level management;
and performance management.

About Viacore, Inc.
Viacore, Inc., the leader in partner integration and management provides
BusinessTone, a comprehensive on-demand integration solution for global
2000 companies that need to rapidly and cost-effectively integrate information
and processes throughout their extended enterprises. BusinessTone speeds
implementation and lowers a company's risk by leveraging a unique tool set
called the BusinessTone Management System. The BTMS was developed
specifically to address the needs of managing complex partner on-boarding
projects as well as to manage high-volume, real-time process flows.
Viacore's BusinessTone clients include industry leaders such as Arrow
Electronics, Cisco Systems, Gap and HP.

Viacore and BusinessTone are trademarks of Viacore, Inc. Other products
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(1) "Retail RFID Stirs Process Change and Improves Product Availability,"
John Davison with Stephen Smith, Gartner G2, February 2005.

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