DSC Logistics Is Kimberly-Clark DC of the Year

May 27, 2009
DES PLAINES, Ill.—DSC Logistics' McDonough, Ga., Logistics Center was selected as Kimberly-Clark's distribution center of the year.

DSC Logistics was awarded the Kimberly-Clark Health Care 2008 Distribution Center of the Year at its McDonough I Logistics Center in Georgia. This is the eleventh year DSC Logistics has won this type of award.

The Kimberly-Clark warehouses are scored on cost measurements, productivity, storage density, order accuracy, on-time shipping, procedures, inventory accuracy, and DC audit and total damage. The McDonough I Logistics Center outscored other healthcare facilities in the areas of picking accuracy, procedures, inventory (book-to-book score and random audit), repack and product damage, with a final score of 100% to win the Kimberly-Clark Health Care 2008 Distribution Center of the Year. It achieved a 100% score on the book-to-book inventory measurement for the 12-month period. DSC's Des Plaines and Roanoke Logistics Centers also performed well, achieving increases over their 2007 scores.

Scott Martindale, global distribution analyst for Kimberly-Clark, presented the award to the Logistics Center, commenting, "It has been a pleasure to work with the team at McDonough. The work they do on the Kimberly-Clark account is exceptional, and we know that they are up to any challenge that comes their way. The Warehouse of the Year award shows their commitment to making sure the job is done the right way."