Sky-Marx Position Reference System (PRS)

Jan. 4, 2005
New Castle, DE Sky-Trax Incorporated (STI) announced today the immediate availability of a new product, Sky-Marx Position Reference System (PRS). According

New Castle, DE – Sky-Trax Incorporated (STI) announced today the immediate availability of a new product, Sky-Marx™ Position Reference System (PRS). According to the company, Sky-MarX™ PRS is an innovative, patent-pending, position marking system that is easily installed overhead in the ceilings of warehouses and factories to identify specific locations for tracking materials and vehicles.

The Sky-Marx™ Position Reference System is delivered to users as a roll of sturdy but lightweight netting fabric to which an array of position markers are pre-attached. The netting panels with position markers are easily suspended above any area where items are to be stored or tracked. Each position marker contains a bar code and/or human readable text that uniquely identifies the corresponding floor area below it. When an item is placed within the designated area, the closest marker is read and recorded either manually or with any standard bar code scanner.

Before Sky-MarX PRS there were few good methods for accurate location identification in the open bulk storage and floor storage areas that are present in almost every factory and warehouse, according to Larry Mahan, General Manager for Marketing at STI. Older techniques included painting lanes, embedding markers into the floor, or hanging individual location placards. Sky-Marx PRS cannot be obscured or damaged like floor tags, and provides better resolution than aisle markers, area ID tags, or painted floor sectors; and in many facilities the Sky-MarX™ PRS solution will provide a lower-cost, more reliable solution.

STI offers Sky-Marx™ in both standard and custom-fabricated position marker arrays. Sky-MarX is available in standard size nets from 4 feet to 15 feet wide and in lengths from 50 to 300 feet. Customers can specify the size, content, and type of labels installed on the PRS; or they can choose from Sky-MarX™ stock configurations. Installation involves hanging the net panels at the desired height in the building and requires no special equipment or skilled labor. STI provides both installation guidance and optional installation components such as nylon cable, cable clamps, and cable ties. As an introductory special, STI is offering an evaluation panel of Sky-MarX™ at special pricing and terms from their website at

Sky-Trax Incorporated (STI) is a manufacturer and supplier of reliable, high-value, solutions for tracking the location of materials and equipment in real time inside warehouses and other facilities. STI’s goal is to solve the most stubborn and persistent problem in warehousing and materials tracking – to know exactly where goods and mobile equipment are at any time - even when there is no easy way to identify and label locations, such as in warehouse open floor storage zones, docks, and staging areas. This mission is captured in STI’s tagline -- Taking the “WHERE?” out of the warehouse.

Sky-Trax Inc. has general offices, a demonstration warehouse facility, and production space at the Airport Industrial Center in New Castle, Delaware, and distributes Sky-Trax™ products through qualified VARs, systems integrators, and direct channels. The company can be contacted at (302) 395-9540 or on-line at