Oct. 20, 2004
PHILADELPHIA--A new high-speed RFID label printer capable of speeds ranging from 12 - 16 ips is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems, a part

PHILADELPHIA--A new high-speed RFID label printer capable of speeds ranging from 12 - 16 ips is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems, a part of Avery Dennison Retail Information Services. The system’s high speed addresses fears over productivity loss by manufacturers and distribution centers facing RFID mandates from retailers and the Department of Defense. The 64-05 prints labels embedded with RFID chips at the same rate that most conventional printers produce standard bar code labels. This allows users to meet RFID label compliance requirements without having to slow their label production and associated packaging operations. Parties interested in knowing more about the 64-05 RFID and how it facilitates RFID
labeling compliance can call 888-RIS-RFID.

The system

Speed is just one aspect of the new system's advanced functionality. The Avery
Dennison 64-05 RFID is UHF/EPC-compliant, meaning that as RFID requirements throughout industry evolve, the system's labeling capabilities can be upgraded to keep pace, saving users money on new printer purchases. More, it is equipped with features that conserve ribbon usage, verify chip functionality and guard against label damage when the system is printing.

"The 64-05 RFID is a solution for organizations with immediate needs for reliable, cost-efficient RFID label production," says Mark Hansinger, marketing director for Avery Dennison Printer Systems. Hansinger adds that the system requires little operator training and is available for quick delivery. “Manufacturers of consumer goods and industrial components facing RFID labeling mandates from retailers and the Department of Defense can be up and running within a short time. Learning how to operate the system usually requires less than 30 minutes.”


In operation, the Avery Dennison 64-05 RFID programs a label's RFID chip and employs direct thermal or thermal transfer technology to print variable data and symbology at 305 dpi. Programming the RFID chips is accomplished via the system's standard read/write module, as well as an antenna and an appropriate adapter board. RFID components are factory installed, but are available for retrofit to existing systems.

The process of printing on labels containing RFID chips calls for advanced design engineering to achieve reliable, uninterrupted label production and to ensure that the chips in finished labels are readable.

The 64-05 RFID addresses these issues in two ways: 1) The system’s “jump-the-bump” technology avoids damaging RFID inlays by automatically lifting the print head over embedded RFID chips and 2) its verification function tests, reads, writes and verifies an inlay prior to printing to ensure tag integrity. The system marks a stripe across labels with nonfunctioning RFID inlays. Printing can continue with the next label or be halted after the system detects a preset number of defective labels. System options include a high-speed cutter/stacker and automatic rewind/unwind.

Current uses of RFID labels include tracking, securing and counting products throughout the supply chain.


-Integrated RFID interrogator and antennae
-Supports Class 0 and Class 1 EPC Compliant tags
-Upgradeable to class 0+ and UHF Gen2 foundation protocol
-Adjustable print head pressure.
-Self-aligning, no tools required.
-Print resolution: 305 dpi (112 dot/mm)
-Print width: 5" (128mm)
-Operator panel: Four-key control panel with 2-line x 16 character alpha numeric display
-Emulator/Language: Zebra (ZPL), Easy Plug

System Characteristics
-Label width: 1.0"-6.1" (25-125mm)
-Label length: maximum to 39.35" (1000mm)
-Label thickness: 4-12 mils (0.1-0.3mm)
-Label roll size: I.D.–3", 4" (76mm, 102mm)
-Ribbon length: 600 meters, built-in automatic

Media Characteristics
-Interface: Parallel, Serial, Ethernet (optional), Wireless (optional)
-Input voltage: 110/220/240 VAC (+/1 10%),
-Dimensions: 12"x13.8"x21.3" (305 x 305 x 540)
-Weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)

Visit: www.ris.averydennison.com

Avery Dennison Printer Systems Americas is a business unit of Avery Dennison’s Retail Information Services Division. The company supports global customers through a network of business units throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Avery Dennison’s Retail Information Services Division brings to industry a powerful, global offering of information management, brand identification and solution-enabling products. Brand identification products include woven and printed labels, graphic tags, integrated bar code tags, leather and leather-like patches, heat transfer patches and embellishments, sock bands, size stickers. . . and more.
Among the company’s Information management products are custom hard and soft goods packaging software; and the InfoChain Express supply chain management solution, which tracks P.O. and enables users to meet the U.S. Customs’ 24 Manifest Mandate. Solution enabling products include bar-code printers, molded plastic fastening and application devices, anti-counterfeiting and diversion tools. The organization operates over 30 product ID ticketing centers and service bureaus located throughout Asia, North and South America, Europe and Africa. Major markets include retail, apparel, softlines and hardgoods.

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