RedPrairie and Matrics Join Forces to Provide RFID Solutions

Dec. 1, 2003
Waukesha, WI and Columbia, MD - RedPrairie Corporation, a leader in global supply chain technology solutions, and Matrics, Inc., a leading-edge provider

Waukesha, WI and Columbia, MD - RedPrairie Corporation, a leader in global supply chain technology solutions, and Matrics, Inc., a leading-edge provider of EPC-compliant RFID technology and visibility solutions, today announced a strategic integration and reseller agreement. Under the agreement, RedPrairie will integrate and resell Matrics' EPC-compliant RFID readers and tags with RedPrairie's RFID Accelerator(tm), a compliance middleware solution, its DigitaLogistix® supply chain execution suite, and its extended supply chain applications such as mobile asset management and supply chain security.

Comments John Jazwiec, RedPrairie Company Leader, "Since we co-founded the RFID Center of Excellence in 2001, we have been thought leaders in developing real-world applications for RFID technology. Because many of Wal-Mart's top suppliers are our customers who look to us to help them achieve measurable logistics results, it's important for us to offer complete solutions that go beyond mere compliance to encompass all of their enterprise and extended supply chain RFID requirements. This partnership with Matrics allows us to provide our customers complete hardware and software solutions across all three application dimensions."

Under the agreement, RedPrairie will package Matrics' RFID technology with RFID Accelerator, a middleware application that can be easily integrated with any existing distribution, ERP or legacy host system to provide immediate compliance with the January 2005 mandates from Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense, or other leading retailers. This RFID compliance kit will get suppliers up to speed quickly without costly system upgrades or disruption of normal operations.

However, for suppliers, the real ROI will come from improving distribution processes and implementing extended supply change applications, such as mobile asset management and supply chain security, to reduce expenses, increase control and streamline operations. RedPrairie and Matrics have complementary solutions for these requirements that will be integrated to provide the industry's first RFID-based total supply chain solution.

Notes Tom Coyle, Matrics Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions, "Although EPC-based RFID compliance for Wal-Mart and the DoD is the hot topic right now, we share RedPrairie's view that it is only a first step. For suppliers, the real benefits will come only when they can use RFID technology to improve their supply chain processes. Our two solutions are designed with this long-term strategy in mind. The result of this partnership and systems integration will provide both short and long term benefits for our joint clients to produce real ROI."

Integration of the RedPrairie and Matrics solutions will be facilitated through integration tools built into each company's products. RedPrairie's DLx® Integrator and Matrics' Visibility Manager(tm) are designed for open integration with other systems. Therefore, joint clients will experience faster time to benefit and lower cost of ownership.

"It's all about results," adds Jazwiec. "We feel our partnership with Matrics will best enable our customers to achieve measurable results with our joint RFID solutions."

Matrics, Inc., based in Columbia, MD, is a provider of RFID technology and visibility solutions for supply chain, asset management and security; a corporate sponsor of EPCglobal; and developer of PICA(tm) a new, high-speed RFID tag assembly system. For more information, visit Matrics on the web at

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