Product News

July 1, 2002
The Workforce SkyRider 15 Lift is for restocking shelves and other warehouse and distribution center applications.


The Workforce SkyRider 15 Lift is for restocking shelves and other warehouse and distribution center applications. It has a 500-lb capacity with a cage that accommodates an operator and several boxes. It moves at 2.5 mph in the down position and at 0.5 mph fully extended. It can traverse 10 miles and more than 100 lift cycles on one battery charge. It has two 12-V deep-cycle batteries. Bil-Jax Inc.;, 419-445-8915.


A swing arm tamp module applies a label to the leading edge or the trailing edge of a case or carton. The tamp arm swings down or from the side. The applicator can be oriented in either a reels-up position or an over-the-product, swing-down position. The system is fitted with two 250 Label Printer Applicators with specialized modules. ID Technology Corp.;, 888-438-3242.


Cadence fulfillment software consolidates warehouse management, order entry, transportation management and activity billing. The WMS portion organizes and improves product flow and throughput. It monitors and controls inventory and work activity throughout product movement. The TMS portion combines browser-based software and bar code scanning technology. The order management system lets sales and customer service representatives know immediately whether products are available from local, remote or virtual warehouses. The Activity Billing System tracks and bills all activities such as receiving, storage, picking, shipping and order capture. Cadre Technologies Inc.;, 866-252-2373.


Conveyor belts using links molded from DuPont Delrin 100KM acetal resin can operate with little or no lubrication. These conveyor components are for container manufacturers and beverage bottlers using glass, metal and plastic containers. These low-wear, low-friction links bring bottling lines into a dry environment, reducing lubrication and maintenance costs. DuPont Engineering Polymers;, 800-441-0575.


The Turnado infeed palletizer ensures precise labels-out stacking for palletizing speeds to 50 cpm. It uses an in-line, triple-turn shoe design with special cushions on each turning mechanism to achieve 90-degree left, 90-degree right or 180-degree turns. It handles cases to 50 lb in eight-case patterns at speeds between 30 and 40 cpm. It has fewer working parts than standard pop-up, turntable-style turning devices for easier maintenance. Columbia Machine Inc.;, 800-628-4065.