PBB Launches On-line Resources for Food Exporters

Dec. 1, 2003
Fort Erie, Ontario -- With only a month to go before new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) import regulations come into effect, PBB Global Logistics

Fort Erie, Ontario -- With only a month to go before new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) import regulations come into effect, PBB Global Logistics is advising Canadian food exporters to start preparing immediately to protect their access to markets in the U.S. As a service to the trading community, the company recently launched a new section of its Web site dedicated exclusively to the new FDA rules at www.pbb.com/fda.

"Many of our clients in the food industry are very concerned about the impact of the new FDA rules," said Jack Rafferty, Managing Director, Corporate Regulatory Services, PBB Global Logistics. "The changes are quite comprehensive, and we strongly advise any business shipping food to the U.S. to take action right away in anticipation of the new FDA regimen."

The http://www.pbb.com/fda site offers a comprehensive resource center for food exporters, including fact sheets, questions and answers, a white paper, forms and helpful links to the FDA's own registration Web site. "We developed this on-line service to help traders access the most comprehensive information and tools for complying with the new rules, in an easy-to-understand, jargon-free format," said Mr. Rafferty.

The new rules fulfill the FDA's mandate under recent American legislation to strengthen the security of the U.S. food supply through increased regulatory oversight. Consequently, food facilities worldwide must register with the FDA before the new rules come into effect on December 12, 2003. Canadian and other foreign-based companies will also be required to appoint a U.S.-based agent as a communications link with the FDA, affecting up to 200,000 food facilities.

Furthermore, under the new rules, all cross-border food shipments must be reported to and confirmed by the FDA, 2 to 8 hours before arrival at the border, depending on the mode of transport. For many companies, this prior notice requirement represents a significant challenge to existing shipping and Customs procedures.

Many in the food business are looking to logistics service providers like PBB for guidance as well as implementation solutions under the new framework. "By representing companies in their dealings with FDA, we are ensuring our commitment to being the single point of contact for all cross-border supply chain needs," said Mr. Rafferty. "With services covering logistics, Customs clearance and representation in FDA matters, PBB truly offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for food exporters."

In addition to serving as an agent, PBB is assisting a number of businesses in establishing systems and procedures to help prevent penalties and possible detention of shipments at the border. With its Trade & Regulatory Services expertise and its comprehensive Customs Brokerage infrastructure, PBB can offer efficient handling of the prior notice process, the provision of greatest concern to the food industry, especially where perishables are involved.

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