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Compact Laser Scanner for AGVs

Sept. 23, 2010
The OS32C Safety Laser Scanner has a 4-inch profile, weighs about three pounds and has a 5 W power consumption, making it easy to handle and install, with minimal battery load on an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle). It can remember up to 70 zone set combinations to support complex AGV tracks, helping users solve diverse collision avoidance application needs.

One scanner can provide 270° monitoring, or two units can be installed to provide front/rear monitoring, or even 360° monitoring. Each zone set combination provides two warning zones of up to 33 ft that can be set by the user to support various purposes such as making a warning sound or reducing speed, and one safety zone of up to 10 ft that, if breached, will result in an emergency stop condition.

Integrated Ethernet-based management helps keep AGVs up and running by allowing the user to check the operating state and analyze the cause of an emergency stop via LAN, and to take quick corrective action, even in large-scale applications with multiple scanners. The status display and eight patented Individual Sector Indicators also enable users to determine at a glance the unit’s operating state and error codes, and assess the direction of an intrusion.

Omron Scientific