Jan. 17, 2007
RICHMOND, VA - The Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., a world leader in warehouse logistics technology, announces the EFG D30, the first lift truck designed

RICHMOND, VA - The Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., a world leader in warehouse logistics technology, announces the EFG D30, the first lift truck designed with a full 180° rotating cabin that significantly reduces operator injury and eliminates obstructed views and lengthy reverse travel by allowing the operator to rotate the cabin to face the direction of travel. This truck is the ideal solution for transporting high, stacked pallets, loading/unloading trucks from one side and moving large containers.

Data shows that back injuries caused from reverse driving over long distances and continual twisting and leaning account for 14.2 lost work days per operator each year and $13.6 billion in lost productivity. The EFG D30 allows the operator to lift a load, turn the cabin 30° to the left or 180° to the right -- without strain - to eliminate obstructed views.

The operator can rotate the cabin up to 90° while the truck is in motion. For short and medium distance travel this offers adequate visibility and comfort. For traveling long distances, the cabin can be rotated the full 180°, but this must be done while the truck is stationary. A Memory System allows the operator to preset the angles of choice. The MULTI-PILOT joystick control combines all hydraulic functions, plus the travel direction switch, into one ergonomically shaped control lever.

The EFG D30’s design allows the truck to handle loads up to 6,600 lbs, reach travel speeds of 12.4 mph and attain lift speeds of 98 ft/min.

The truck features Jungheinrich’s proprietary 3-phase AC motor technology, providing power for travel, lift, steering and braking. Jungheinrich discovered years ago that three-phase AC offers significant advantages over traditional direct current shunt-wound motors. For example, it enables strong acceleration and eliminates the delay when shifting into reverse. With no carbon brushes to wear, an AC motor is essentially maintenance-free. In addition, the truck reclaims its kinetic energy during braking and stores it back in the battery; as a result, much less time is wasted on recharging. This robust truck will keep working shift after shift.

The truck also features a patented Curve Speed Reduction Steering System which prevents the possibility of “tipping.” The truck’s internal sensors maintain the amount of centrifugal force exerted on the operator, load and machine at a low level. Sensors “feel” the steering angle and then automatically adjust the travel speed or activate the electronic brake to slow the vehicle and safely navigate the turn. The steering assembly has a jointed, cross-shaft axle with an integral steering cylinder and twin rear wheels that provides maximum maneuverability through turns. Vehicle turns are made safe and comfortable on all floor surfaces.

A steering-wheel-mounted, LCD information and service display (LISA) device allows the driver to choose from five individually adjustable operating modes. Operators can adjust acceleration, braking, travel, lifting and lowering speeds to suit the specific task. LISA also displays detailed text for fast and accurate reading of operating conditions and service requirements.

For more information about the new EFG D30, contact Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., 5601 Eastport Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23231. Call 804-737-6084, Fax 804-737-6136. Or, visit the website at www.jungheinrich-us.com.

Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp.
Kay Middleton