U.S. Packaging Machinery Exports Grew in 2008; Total Shipments Declined

Sept. 16, 2009
Total U.S. shipments of packaging machinery decreased by 0.4% to $5.885 billion in machines sold in 2008, according to PMMI’s latest Shipments and Outlooks study.

The decrease was the first in seven years. Domestic shipments of packaging machinery dipped 2.5% to $4.680 billion, and exports grew 8.6% to $1.2 billion. Imports also increased slightly, up 1.2%, with $1.7 billion shipped into the United States.

Demand for packaging machinery was down in 2008, with domestic shipments and imports totaling $6.419 billion, 1.2% less than 2007, according to the 2009 PMMI study.

However, the study showed growth for the year in seven of 18 categories: pre-made bag hanging, opening, weighing, filling and closing machinery (+7.9%); filling—dry products (+3.8%); palletizing, depalletizing and checkweighing machinery (+3.3%); case and tray forming, packaging/unpacking, closing and sealing (+2.8%); inspecting, detecting and checkweighing (+2.6%); cartoning, multi-packing and leaflet/coupon placing (+1.4%); conveying, feeding, orienting and placing (+0.2%).

With $1.205 billion in exports—an 8.6% increase for the year—PMMI member companies were able to leverage favorable currency exchange rates and grow market share in global markets. Exports were 20.5% of total shipments, up from 18.7% in 2007, and the second consecutive year of growth.

The annual report is based on data supplied by PMMI member companies and other industry sources. An executive summary is available at www.PMMI.org. For the complete study, contact Paula Feldman at [email protected] or 703-243-8555.