Product News

Oct. 1, 2003
Conveyors and containers and more.


The Deflector Belt Plows work as belt cleaners for the tail pulley. Offered in V and Diagonal models, both mount on top of the return side of the belt in front of the tail pulley. The units prevent lumps, fines and debris from jamming between the belt and tail pulley, avoiding damage to the pulley or belting. The design of the blades has a 20 degree angle forward at the belt. This angle helps lift water and fines, spiraling them off toward the belt edge. The spiraling action helps prevent fines from slipping under the blade and building up on the pulley. Four sizes are available to accommodate belts from 18 in. to 84 in. wide. A heavy-duty, double-bladed, reversing-belt model is offered in sizes from belt widths from 18 in. to 96 in. Flexco;, 630-971-0150. Write 223


The Super Sack Container is constructed of an aluminized film laminated to woven polypropylene fabric. The container can be used in applications in which a liner cannot be used. The water vapor transmission and gas transmission rates of the fabric are 75-87% lower than those of regular coated polypropylene fabric. B.A.G. Corporation,, 800-331-9200. Write 224


The enhanced 8000 Series RollerDrive BL (brushless) motorized roller incorporates a new high torque brushless motor into the roller design. The 24VDC motor provides the ability to move heavier loads faster. RollerDrive BL rollers may be paired with Interroll’s DriveControl zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) control cards for greater control, or simply with a PLC. They are available in lengths of 10 inches to 45 inches. Roller tubes are available with optional PVC or polyurethane sleeving. Standard features of RollerDrive BL rollers include spacer housings to prevent rubbing against the frame and an end housing assembly with precision type 6203 bearings. Interroll,, 1-800-830-9680.Write 225


The Lift & Seal Drum Dumper offers dust-tight discharge of chemical powders. The dumper has an intrinsically safe power unit and controls, stainless steel on product contact surfaces, and an interlocked safety cage to protect employees. A rotation system provides 165 degree drum rotation. The unit can be custom designed. Material Transfer & Storage Inc.,, 800-836-7068. Write 226


Drop Bottom Containers have ventilation holes punched on the sides of the container to facilitate easy ventilation and cooling of the product. The Bar Grate decking allows dirt and debris to fall through. A hinged deck allows for easy release of materials when cooled. The container includes a locking latch assembly to prevent parts from discharging until bail comes in contact with the engagement angle on the workstand. The container comes in two standard sizes: 45 in. x 48 in. x 24 in. and 40 in. x 48 in. x 24 in. Custom sizes and options are also available. Steel King Industries, Inc.;, (800) 553-3096. Write 227


The Yellow Jacket 110 Model 87-SA stretch wrap machine allows the lift truck driver to stretch wrap a load of any size or shape on the pallet, while sitting in the seat of the lift truck. The machine’s Lock Down technology wraps around the cargo and pallet to secure the load without bands. The wrap tension adjusts to provide a range of 0-200% film stretch, helping keep loads secure during shipment. The machine can wrap pallets up to 52 inches square and five feet long, and the machine base can be increased in six-foot increments to handle longer pallet lengths. Yellow Jacket LLP,, 800-387-5001. Write 229


Tuff-50 structural pallet rack line from Advance Storage Products has applications in selective, double-deep, reach, drive-in, and the company’s Lo-Pro Pushback. According to the company, the Tuff-50 structural rack is easy to install, abuse-resistant and maintenance-free. The rack is available in six standard colors and is designed for high volume warehouses and distribution centers. Advance Storage Products,, 888-478-7422. Write 228


This six-page, full-color brochure features the new 8,000 pound W80Z Walkie Pallet Truck. The brochure includes information on the truck’s Separately Excited Motor (SEM) systems controller, the box-rail construction with 6-inch lift height, and the adjustable two-piece heavy duty pull rod assembly. The brochure also features color photos of the truck’s low level order picking and palletized load-handling capabilities. Hyster Company;, 1-800-HYSTER-1. Write 230


The Prime Vision character recognition software employs the company’s High Yield Character Recognition technology to read machine writing, hard-to-read handwriting or worn bar codes into digital form for use by the WMS or conveyor control system. The application uses a combination of character and script reading to assign an identifier to the item as it makes its way through the handling system, thus reducing the manual data entry process. Prime Vision;, 31 (0) 446 31 39. Write 232


The fully-illustrated “Guide to Solutions for Material Handling Applications” offers information on maximizing accuracy, productivity, efficiency, reliability, and control in distribution and warehousing, freight and parcel, baggage handling, manufacturing, crane and hoist, and transport equipment operations. The guide also features combinations of centralized, decentralized, geared motor and engineered panel solutions. Danfoss Drives,, 800-432-6367.Write 231


The Ergo-Cart tilts large containers up to 30 degrees to enable workers to reach all the way to the bottom. One version has a purely mechanical tilt for loads up to 400 lbs. A second version has a hydraulic damper for a controlled tilt for loads up to 3,000 lbs. For this type, a squeeze handle allows automatic stop positions at any angle. Cables on both versions provide hundreds of thousands of tilt cycles. The cart rolls on six wheels and is pulled by a tugger or small motorized cart which connects with an easy release hitch. The carts can be coupled together to form a train for multiple drop-offs. Once the cart reaches its destination, the worker can position the unit using 35 lbs of force. Topper Industrial,, 800-529-0909. Write 233


The SpaceKraft Multi-Trip Bin is a 10-ply corrugated intermediate bulk container that offers up to 75,000 pounds of compression strength. It holds 300 gallons of liquid or 3,000 pounds of solids. The bins can be stacked up to five high and can be stored outdoors. The bin is delivered with a reusable plastic lid and pallet and can be used with the metallized film liner conventionally used for aseptic packaging. According to the manufacturer, the bin can be set up for filling in one minute by squaring off the sleeve on the pallet and inserting a corrugated pad in the bottom of the box. SpaceKraft,, 800-599-8473. Write234


Bulk bag discharger has a low-profile hoist and unloading station that operates at a height of 10 1/2 feet. The bulk bag is untied through an access door in the product transfer chute directly under the discharger. In addition, independent pneumatic massage paddles aid the flow of powder from the bag into the discharge chute and conveyor. Spiroflow Systems, Inc.,, 704-291-9595. Write 236


This all-terrain truck is designed to travel over rough or uneven ground, such as construction sites, nurseries and gravel-covered areas. The truck holds up to 2,000 pounds at 12 inches and up to 1,500 pounds at 24 inches. The fork size is 4 inches wide and 32 inches long. The forks adjust from 9 and 1/2 inches to 26 inches and raise to 10 inches in height. The unit has 17-inch front pneumatic wheels and 10-inch rear wheels. Vestil Manufacturing Company;, 800-348-0868. Write 235


The MBF-P Modular Belt Conveyors offer plastic belts in combination with various standard system components. The conveyors have applications in: clean rooms to parts assembly; packaging of consumer goods; subassemblies and component packaging; printed materials; and food packaging. The new belt conveyors feature a positive sprocket drive to eliminate tracking issues. They use variable and constant speed packages, and can handle parts transport weights up to 1,500 pounds. Two side T-slots allow for attachment of side rails, photo eyes, location sensors, bar scanners labelers, marking devices, end stops, diverters and more. A wide variety of hard, matt top plastic belts are available to permit parts accumulation in widths of 210 to 1,010 mm and lengths between 400 and 10,000 mm. More than 30 basic belt styles are available. mk Automation Engineering, Inc.;, 860-769-5500. Write 237


The Model ECL Series Electric Column Lift Manipulator has 270 degree articulating arms and end effectors for handling close tolerance work positioning requirements. The manipulator has an electric-powered chain/sprocket drive that provides lifting and lowering. An end-of-arm control provides three-speed vertical height adjustment. The manipulator has a standard lift stroke of 54 inches and load capacity of 250 pounds 96” from the centerline. An Aut-O-Loc braking system protects the operator from downward movement in case of chain or drive failure. Manually-guided articulating arms are available with radial reaches up to 96 inches. Unidex, Inc.,, 800-724-1302. Write 238


The T3010 and T3110 ink jet printers offer narrow carriage (80-column) and wide carriage (136-column) models. The T3010’s small footprint allows it to fit into kiosks and other small areas. The printers feature a piezo printhead technology for quick print speed at 360 dpi. Both models can load either cut sheets or continuous forms. Other features of the printers include: up to 1220 characters per second; up to three input tractors ; optional cutting device (T3010 model); and fast-drying and permanent ink. Tally Printer Corporation,, 425-251-5524. Write 239


The HK3000 Rotating Fork Storage and Retrieval Machine is compatible with most conventional warehouse designs. The machine is designed to provide economical automation for new facilities, and can also retrofit existing manual warehouses with automation. According to the manufacturer, the machine handles loads up to 3,000 lbs.can be used to replace lift trucks and turret trucks. It has a first shelf height of eight inches and a maximum height of 40 feet. The machine was designed with an “in-rack” pallet collector and on-board laser light curtains for the floor and sides of an aisle and the load opening. HK Systems Inc.,, 800-HKSYSTEMS. Write 240


The No Stack three-dimensional anti-stack warning device straps or tapes easily to the top of a pallet. The easy-to-see international attention symbol warns against double-stacking shipments. The product is easily crushed when it is stacked on to indicate when a shipment has been damaged. MacNeil Automotive Products Limited,, 888-88-STACK. Write 241


This second-generation “intelligent” clamp offers a continuous and automatic clamping force adjustment to compensate for paper quality, roll weight, type of wrapping, environmental and handling conditions and dynamic loads. The clamp has a microprocessor control system that is activated by electronic slippage sensors in the clamp pads to control clamping force. The control display unit is located inside the driver’s compartment and shows the applied clamping pressure online. The enhanced control software automatically increases and reduces the clamping pressure after dynamic loads. Handling information can be downloaded into a PC or external system. BRUDI BOLZONI AURAMO,, 800-358-5438. Write 242


The Easycage allows users to assemble a custom-made cage to their own specific needs. The assembly process involves installing a post, clipping on the mesh panel, installing the next post, and so on. Panel sizes can be modified onsite, and posts can be accommodate two-, three-, and four-way connections. The galvanized mesh is constructed of heavy-gauge wire. Cogan,, 800-567-2462. Write 243


The Browser electric vehicle balances on three wheels. The 24-volt DC brush permanent magnet motor is located inside the 8-inch front wheel and is a combination of motor, gears, electric brake, hub and tire. It uses a steel primary/secondary gear system with a shock absorbing motor-to-gear coupler. The friction disk type brake is electrically disengaged (at 24 volts DC) by the PWM (pulse-width-modulator) controller as power is applied to the motor. The rotating aluminum hub, with a bonded non-marking tire, encases all of the motor’s components. The programmable feature of the controller make variable speed control and a zero-degree turning radius easily attainable. The controller also responds to either side of the finger grip throttles with the forward function. The steering crank handle can rotate 340 degrees, allowing the user to travel in reverse and to make a zero-degree turn. Standard speed for the Browser is 4.4 miles per hour. Assembled Products Corporation,, 479-636-5776. Write 243


This load transfer station with pallet dispenser allows a single lift truck operator to perform the entire transfer process. According to the manufacturer, the lift truck operator can place a load in the station and have it transferred to another pallet without assistance from another operator-all in 45 seconds per cycle. Pallets can be loaded from two sides and removed or picked up from either side. The station works as a stand-alone device or can be incorporated into a packaging system. Columbia Machine,, 360-694-1501. Write 244


This multipole connector has spring-loaded, silver-plated contacts that create a self-wiping action during mating and unmating to ensure greater conductivity. It is a single piece polycarbonate housing and is designed for use in harsh environments. The connector is rated at 350 amps and 600 volts and has continuous AC and DC operations. The connector offers replaceable contacts and keyed housings. Anderson Power Products,, 978-422-3600. Write 245


The Watchman 2000 uses a 120-decibel alarm to warn lift truck drivers of an impending collision. The device is powered by eight D cell batteries, which provide power up to two years with regular use. The alarm is also available in an AC-powered model, which plugs directly into a standard outlet. The Watchman 2000 can be hung from a ceiling or extended from a wall and is available in standard lengths of 6, 8, 10 and 12 feet. Alvarado Manufacturing,, 800-423-4143. Write 246


Florim USA is the second-largest manufacturer of household floor and wall tile in the United States. Florim stores an extensive inventory of strapped and shrink-wrapped pallets of finished product in both its 300,000-square-foot warehouse and outdoors in an adjacent storage yard.

In both areas, loads are “block” stacked four high in a narrow aisle layout. The firm needed lift trucks of more than 4,400 lb. capacity because it usually handles two pallets together (one on top of the other), where combined loads can be up to 4,500 lbs.

Aisle-Master Ltd., an Ireland-based manufacturer of narrow aisle lift trucks, recently installed a Model 44W narrow aisle articulated truck at Florim’s Clarksville, TN manufacturing facility. Because the propane-fueled Aisle-Master works effectively both indoors and outdoors, Florim was able to purchase a single truck, without having the requirement for staging or a second truck.

Florim had rented an Aisle-Master demo machine for three months and decided to purchase a similar truck equipped with 180-inch mast. The company estimates that it saves 30 to 50 percent of the space it would otherwise require with conventional 12-14 foot aisles, and gains the indoor/outdoor operational versatility that propane offers. Aisle-Master Model 44W narrow aisle articulated truck,, 877-280-4910. Write 247


The EleVeyor is a dual belt conveyor system that provides high-speed transportation over any complex path: horizontal, steep slopes, vertical, etc., through such geometric configurations as “L,” “C,” or “Z” paths. The system can be sized to convey a number of bulk materials. The materials are transported via the “sandwich” method, with the load carried and sealed between two belts. The belts are flat, allowing easy cleaning. EleVeyor,, 800-960-7929. Write 248


The Telescopic Mast Jib Crane has a hydraulically-operated mast that can be operated without a hoist. The beam can rotate under construction or reach into a cavity to pick up a load, and then rotate and raise to a higher level. The beam can reach from six to 12 feet; lifting height is from six to 20 feet. The control for lifting and lowering is a remote push button on the pendant. The unit is available in capacities of 500, 1,000 and 2,000 lbs. Air Technical Industries,, 440-951-5191. Write 249


This ergonomic gas tank cart can store and transport up to six LP tanks. A boom with automatic clamps on each swings around, picks up the full LP tank, and swivels around to place the tank on a rack, shelf or lift truck. The speed is controlled by a knob on the bottom of the boom. T & S Equipment Company,, 800-348-0860. Write 251


The CXT hoist is available in capacities up to 80 tons. The manufacturer has shortened the hoist length to half the previous dimension by more than doubling the drum diameter and placing the hoisting motor inside the drum. As a result, the larger rope drum reduces bending forces, which improves rope life. It also minimizes horizontal hook travel during lowering, which allows fast, accurate load positioning. The design also creates more usable workspace, meaning that the hoist can operate closer to walls and lift loads higher. Other features include: integrated motor and inverter controls that provide a stepless speed control standard throughout the product line, even in capacities as low as 1 ton; and a new ergonomic design of the hook forging and safety catch to improve the safety of the worker rigging the load. The brakes have a dustproof construction and are adjustment-free for the life of the hoist. KCI Konecranes America,, 905-332-5222. Write 250


These powder-coated levelers are designed for the material handling, assembly, food processing and food packaging industries. The levelers are cast zinc and can handle from 650 to 7,500 lbs. per mount. They are available in diameters from 1.25” to 4.75”. According to the manufacturer, the levelers can easily combine with any bolt material, thread or size. Anti-skid pads are available to provide anchoring and prevent movement of the machines. Sunnex,, 800-445-7869. Write 251


Ergonomic vacuum lifter lets one person safely handle fiber and lightweight plastic drums up to 30 lbs. without using hooks or grabs. The lifter features a fully-adjustable frame assembly with vacuum suction pads that provide support from the top and side. In addition, there is an easy-to-grip handle with up and down controls that adjust to the operator’s hand strength. Another handle is located on the frame assembly for stability. The lifter can be supplied with an electric or compressed air-powered vacuum pump. Anver Corporation,, 800-654-3500. Write 254


RoughDeck Series floor scales feature an aluminum junction box that is mounted as a slide-out tray. The tray is surrounded by a six-inch steel channel frame that is welded to a steel deck. The scale comes equipped with cables that plug into the pre-wired junction box; when the scale is installed, the connection is hidden inside the deck. The scale’s load cell is constructed of alloy steel and includes a welded seal. Weighing capacity is up to 30,000 lbs. Rice Lake Weighing Systems,, 715-234-9171. Write 252


The HO-Series Horizontal Offset Conveyor (part of the WhisperTrax Modular Flexible Conveyor line) has two curves in opposite directions. The conveyor allows variation in the angle of the curves and in the length of the straight sections. According to the manufacturer, the compound curving nature of the conveyor allows users to accomplish multiple curves with one conveyor. The conveyor has a speed range of five to 75 feet per minute, and can be ordered with three different chain types in six chain widths. Span Tech LLC,, 270-651-9166. Write 253