SpeedyPacker Insight

Oct. 16, 2008
DANBURY, CONN. - Sealed Airs new SpeedyPacker Insight packaging system takes the guess-work out of selecting the proper size foam-in-bag packaging. The

DANBURY, CONN. - Sealed Air’s new SpeedyPacker® Insight™ packaging system takes the guess-work out of selecting the proper size foam-in-bag packaging. The system features a full-color, user-friendly graphical display with interactive technology. The graphical display console has six buttons with 26 selections, A through Z, allocated to each button, enabling customers to pre-program up to 156 foam-in-bag configurations.

Each of the 156 foam-in-bag configuration selections can be named and programmed by the customer to distribute a specific percentage of foam and length of film, essentially allowing them to customize the packaging for each product they ship. For example, if the customer wants to produce a foam cushion for the right side of a toaster, they can program the percentage of foam and length of film needed, and name the selection, "toaster right." Then, as the toaster being shipped arrives at the packaging station via conveyor, the operator selects a button located near the screen option called "toaster right" and the appropriate foam-in-bag packaging is dispensed. The pre-programmed selections help increase production because the guess-work is removed from the packaging process, allowing employees working on the packaging line to produce the correct foam-in-bag package at the touch of a button.

Once an add-on, the SpeedyPacker® Insight™ packaging system is now equipped with SpeedyPacker® Continuous Foam Tube (CFT) capability. This feature allows for the production of small foam tubes in a sealed bag that can be placed where product protection is needed. The tubes can be contiguous or produced in series, with or without film spacing in between them. The result is a "one-step" engineered package, made by the touch of a button.

With the ability to produce a number of foam packaging shapes, sizes and configurations, the SpeedyPacker® Insight™ system can be used to package a wide variety of items. The flexible system is used online or off-line to produce packaging for void-fill, blocking and bracing, and cushioning applications, including custom-fit protective packaging and bottom pads. For even greater efficiency on the packaging line, packagers can make the continuous foam tubes in advance and store them for future use.

The SpeedyPacker® Insight™ packaging system is available with the latest actuated smart-vent capability for micro-perforation, enabling a more even and consistent foam bag. The system dispenses a mixture of "A" component and "B" component into a SpeedyPacker® film bag. When mixed, the "A" and "B" components react with each other to create high-quality polyurethane packaging foam on demand.

Ideal for a multitude of packaging applications, the SpeedyPacker® Insight™ system packages items including business products, electronics, fragile ceramics or pottery, computers, generators and vehicle parts.

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