IconNicholson, Matrics Unite To Deliver RFID Solutions

March 1, 2004
IconNicholson, Matrics Unite To Deliver RFID Solutions IconNicholson, the New York-based IT professional services firm, and Matrics Inc., a pioneer in

IconNicholson, the New York-based IT professional services firm, and Matrics Inc., a pioneer in the advanced development and standardization of low-cost, high-performance, EPC-compliant UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) smart-label technology, announced a strategic alliance to leverage RFID technology across the CPG supply chain, customer retail environments and general business operations.

IconNicholson and Matrics are currently engaged on four assignments. The first two involve middleware development by IconNicholson that will integrate with Matrics' RFID system. Another is a warehouse implementation for a leading 3PL and the fourth involves an inventory management system for a leading global retailer. For the retail project, IconNicholson led the development and systems integration of a precedent-setting RFID installation that augments customer interaction with in-store sales staff and advances the retailer's ability to more efficiently track and manage inventory.

Together, IconNicholson and Matrics deliver a complete hardware, software and services solution for RFID technology to address critical areas in the supply chain, inventory management and customer service. Matrics' RFID tags, readers and antennae transmit large volumes of data in real-time and IconNicholson's middleware and application development expertise realizes the specific business and operational value of that data.

"The incorporation of RFID into the supply chain opens the door to innovative business applications and customer service experiences," said Tom Nicholson, Managing Director of IconNicholson. "Matrics' RFID technology combined with IconNicholson's development and integration expertise provides state-of-the-art processes to inventory and customer data management, and brings new meaning to the management of the customer experience."

An RFID tag is comprised of a tiny microchip programmed with a unique identity number. One thousand Matrics RFID tags per second can be read from 10-30 feet, and unlike any other competitive solution, in any orientation, enabling the ability to collect data automatically without human intervention. Unlike bar code systems, RFID tags do not require line-of-sight visibility and, thus, can be read from inside a package, a common situation in retail operations.

IconNicholson is the New York subsidiary of Icon Medialab International AB, a global leader in the IT professional services sector. IconNicholson has been a pioneer of digital business solutions since its founding in 1987. For more information, visit www.iconnicholson.com.

Matrics Inc., based in Columbia, Md., is a provider of EPC-compliant RFID technology and visibility solutions for supply chain, asset management and security. For more information, visit www.matrics.com.