Nov. 22, 2004
(Cincinnati, OH: November 08, 2004) FKI Logistex (, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, announces the launch

(Cincinnati, OH: November 08, 2004) FKI Logistex® (, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, announces the launch of the Accutronic™, a new flat-belt-driven, powered live-roller accumulation conveyor with 24-volt electric actuation. Accutronic offers quiet, positive transportation and true zero-pressure accumulation of cases, cartons and totes.
Because Accutronic is belt-driven, it dramatically reduces noise and removes the lubrication requirements associated with chain-and-pad-driven live roller conveyor. Accutronic's 24-volt electric stepper motor lift mechanism also eliminates the need for the compressed air that powers pneumatic-driven live roller conveyor, increasing installation flexibility and producing energy savings.
During transportation, Accutronic's drive belt is electrically raised to engage and power the rollers. When the conveyor's photo-eye sensors detect the presence of product within the next downstream zone that requires upstream accumulation, the belt is lowered, disengaging power from the rollers.

The Accutronic's features include an automatic sleep mode, which disengages the drive if no product has rolled by in eight seconds, and detectors built into the photo-eye sensors that shut the system down five seconds after sensing a product jam. The photo-eye sensors, factory installed and aligned, and control modules in each Accutronic section are delivered ready to run.

Accutronic is designed for medium-duty, high-speed accumulation lines. It offers speeds up to 400 feet per minute on transportation and up to 240 feet per minute on accumulation. Accutronic's weight capacity is 35 lb. per foot for live loads, and 100 lb. per package. Accutronic provides release rates of up to 95 percent and acceptance rates up to 100 percent.

Accutronic is available in three-, six-, nine- and 12-foot lengths with a standard zone length of three feet. Available widths between frames are 16", 22", 28", 34" and 40". Options include 2" or 3" carrier roller centers and carrier rollers with ABEC precision bearings. Accutronic's operational modes are singulation, dual-zone, auto-slug or slug.

Accutronic's design includes easy zone control modules and power connections integrated within the conveyor design. It offers minimal installation time to switch conveyor release modes, and has a safe low-voltage power supply requirement.
"The launch of the Accutronic is further evidence of our dedication to research and development in the material handling industry," says John Westendorf, president, FKI Logistex Warehouse and Distribution North America. "FKI Logistex is committed to meeting the material handling needs of our existing and future customers through continual product innovation."

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