ODIN benchmarks eight top handhelds for 25 industries

Sept. 13, 2010
A new head-to-head scientific comparison of handheld RFID readers has been published by ODIN Labs, the scientific testing division of ODIN, an RFID software provider. The thirty-six page Benchmark is designed to help end users differentiate between the many handheld models available today and their various strengths, weaknesses and cost. The intent is that, armed with scientific input, end users can make a well informed buying decision.

“Handheld RFID readers are the workhorses of RFID solutions across more than 25 industries, “said ODIN's founder, Patrick J. Sweeney II. “From finding lost laptops to managing exceptions at dock doors, handheld RFID readers wrestle some of the toughest business process requirements.”

Michael Myers, the engineer from ODIN Labs who led the scientific RFID testing added, “With all the hype around the new Motorola handheld RFID reader, someone had to put the marketing claims to the test. There are a lot more choices and better choices than five years ago, but there are also big differences in handheld reader performance and features. This Benchmark lays out for end users what is important.”

The eight handheld RFID readers evaluated in the Benchmark include:

• Motorola MC3090-Z (FCC)
• Motorola MC3190-Z (ETSI) (name may change before official launch)
• Intermec IP30 (FCC)
• Intermec IP30 (ETSI)
• CSL CS101
• Unitech RH767
• MacSema PCE 4050
• Symbol MC9000

These readers were evaluated against several criteria in three categories: performance, flexibility and ergonomics. End users can apply these data in developing their short list for handheld vendor models. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices are also included.

For more information visit http://odintechnologies.com/rfid-benchmarks-handheld-readers