Laminations Mega VBoard

May 26, 2010
Laminations, part of Great Northern Corp., introduces Mega VBoard, a protective packaging product that provides transport stability for windows, house doors, garage doors and other irregularly shaped products.

The V-shaped paperboard edge protection offers total leg widths up to 18 inches. Leg configurations can be symmetrical, with sizes up to 9-x-9 inches, or asymmetrical with a minimum leg width of 2 inches. Mega VBoard standard lengths extend to 300 inches, but longer lengths are available, says Laminations. Standard caliper options range from 0.080 to 0.600 inches. Custom printing is available.

The packaging material works with high-speed, automated pallet assembly systems and can be customized with other packaging components, such as foam. Mega VBoard, according to Laminations, offers improved load containment and weight distribution for more secure pallet loads, structural integrity for stacking strength and is recyclable and compliant with sustainable packaging criteria.