Intermarch Optimizes Warehouse Operation

Jan. 1, 2004
PRINCETON, NJ January 5, 2004 - - Intermarch, a leading French company and among the top retailers in the world, has successfully implemented advanced

PRINCETON, NJ — January 5, 2004 - - Intermarché, a leading French company and among the top retailers in the world, has successfully implemented advanced voice-directed logistics technology using the VoiceLogistics system from Voxware, Inc. (OTC: VOXW) at its distribution centre in Meung, France. Based on the results of that initiative, Intermarché plans to expand the use of VoiceLogistics to other distribution facilities in France.

"The retail business is all about logistics, so improvements to logistics operations have a tremendous impact on a company's competitive strength and overall financial health," said Philippe Lahondes, C.E.O of Intermarché Logistics. "Intermarché has always been a leader in applying new technologies in a strategic way. We had seen other voice implementations, but felt that they could do much more for the business. We recognized that others were simply using voice as an alternative means of capturing data, in effect turning their workers into 'talking scanners.' We believe that voice technology – if applied strategically – can optimize entire activities and produce a greater impact on the bottom line. In Voxware, we found a partner who shares the same forward-thinking philosophy."

"Intermarché has very advanced ideas and aggressive operational goals," said Philippe Bontemps, Voxware's Director of Sales for France. "We were able to work with them to implement a VoiceLogistics solution that has produced very good results. Our success is due in large part not only to our technology, but also to the experience of our consulting staff in implementing vocabulary-rich voice applications."

"Voxware came to Intermarché and conducted a Value Assessment that helped us to identify the areas where voice technology could make the biggest impact," said Lahondes. "The assessment process was very valuable because it enabled us to set specific goals and to monitor the results produced by the VoiceLogistics solution."

Citing competitive reasons, Intermarché will not release specific numbers relative to the voice technology initiative. "That's classified," says Lahondes. "But I will say that the results – both from the perspective of the workers and the business benefits – are so positive that we are looking for ways to expand the use of VoiceLogistics at Intermarché."