Matrics Announces RFID Interoperability With the Savi Smartchain Software Platform

March 1, 2004
Matrics Announces RFID Interoperability With the Savi Smartchain Software Platform Matrics Announces RFID Interoperability With the Savi Smartchain Software

Matrics Announces RFID Interoperability With the Savi Smartchain Software Platform

Washington, DC and Columbia, MD - Matrics Inc., a pioneer in the advanced development and standardization of low-cost, high-performance, EPC™-compliant UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, today announced that its readers can now automatically transmit data directly to the Savi SmartChain interoperability platform, the industry's leading platform for transforming raw RFID-generated data into clear, actionable information that can be managed by any number of leading software applications, including Savi Technology's asset management and security solutions. This new level of interoperability between Matrics's hardware data transmissions and the SmartChain interoperability platform means that users gain real-time visibility of all types of supply chain assets as well as the items they transport, whether using new or legacy software systems.

The announcement was presented during this week's invitation-only RFID Symposia for DoD Suppliers being held at the Savi Technology RFID Center near Washington, DC and co-sponsored by Savi, Matrics, and Symbol Technologies.

The Matrics-Savi collaboration was publicized last September when the two companies announced their joint development of a handheld reader incorporating dual frequencies and innovative processing capabilities to simultaneously capture and relay data from both EPC-compliant smart label technology and active RFID tags to achieve "nested visibility," from the item-level on up to pallet, container and transport vehicle levels. Today's announcement goes one step further in achieving information connectivity between data collection devices from Matrics and feature-rich software that manages the information flow and security of global shipments.

"Savi Technology's long-time leadership in designing and developing RFID and support software for the U.S. Department of Defense's In-Transit Visibility (ITV) and Total Asset Visibility (TAV) networks, and the Smart and Secure Tradelanes initiative illustrate its key position and commitment to delivering real-time, optimized supply chain solutions," said John Shoemaker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development for Matrics. "Savi is the ideal partner for Matrics to enable with the industry's most advanced RFID system components. Through its SmartChain solution, Savi is once again providing its customers with the most progressive logistics platform by implementing next generation RFID-optimized solutions for its customers, today."

"We're pleased to partner with Matrics, one of the leading pioneers in the development of Electronic Product Code technologies for automated tracking of items and other small supply chain assets," said Chris Stephenson, Savi's Senior Vice President of Global Consulting Services and Manufacturing. "Savi has more than 15 years of software and automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technology experience, and we realize that the greatest business value comes from the ability to inter-connect various automatic identification technologies (AIT) into a powerful software platform, and this partnership does just that."

Matrics and Savi emphasized that feeding real-time data into the Savi SmartChain platform enables users to have end-to-end and top-to-bottom visibility throughout open global supply chain networks, as well as within closed-loop transportation and warehouse environments. The ability to interoperate is made possible through the Universal Data Appliance Protocol (UDAP™), a common user interface that plugs data from all types of AIDC technologies -- ranging from bar codes, EPC and passive RFID to sensors and satellite tracking systems - directly into the Savi SmartChain platform.

Matrics manufactures a suite of RFID products including over a dozen varieties of passive RFID tags, readers, and peripherals. The Matrics RFID system offers superior and robust read range capabilities, anti-collision features, very high data read rates of hundreds of tags per second, and operates in the UHF band (902-928 MHz).

Matrics and Savi are both actively involved in the development of new EPC protocols through EPCglobal, and they are partnering on a number of inter-related projects revolving around the DoD's new policy requiring all branches and their suppliers to use RFID and EPC, and Wal-Mart's recent mandate requiring its top suppliers to use these technologies to automate the tracking of shipments.

Matrics Inc., based in Columbia, Maryland, is a provider of EPC™-compliant RFID technology and visibility solutions for supply chain, asset management and security and a member of EPC Global. For more information, visit Matrics on the web at

With over 14 years of global logistics infrastructure experience, Savi is a leader in real-time supply chain asset management and security. The company's broad customer service base includes the U.S. For additional information, visit