May 16, 2007
MILWAUKEE, Wis. Rite-Hite Doors, Inc. today set a new standard in industrial door simplicity and reliability with the introduction of the FasTrax series

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Rite-Hite Doors, Inc. today set a new standard in industrial door simplicity and reliability with the introduction of the FasTrax™ series of high-performance industrial doors.

Designed around a single-operational platform, the highly versatile FasTrax doors can be configured to easily and affordably match virtually any interior, exterior or cold storage industrial door application. FasTrax doors combine a simple design with a host of technological advancements to deliver optimal uptime and superior performance.

The concept behind the introduction of the FasTrax doors is, “easy is better,” according to Rite-Hite Doors, Inc. President and CEO Glenn Manich.

“Decision-makers want a trouble-free door that will perform well – and they definitely want to avoid maintenance issues that can increase costs,” said Manich. “That’s why FasTrax doors are easy to specify, operate, and maintain. Plus, we’ve combined simplicity with advanced technology to produce a door that helps customers achieve their productivity, energy and safety goals.”

Unmatched versatility
The unmatched versatility of FasTrax allows specifiers and users to choose only what is needed for their application. Basic components of FasTrax include a 2-HP motor, unique drive system, powder coated aluminum side frame, high wind retention system, full width vision panels, and a totally automatic re-feed system, as well as a broad range of safety features.

Among the options is a diverse selection of upper track configurations, which provides the flexibility to match the door to the available opening. In most cases, it eliminates the need to invest extra time and money to remove or re-route many overhead obstructions to fit the door to the existing space.

Track configurations include a radial lift, which puts the door header directly above the door; a standard lift for low ceilings; a high-lift for routing over obstructions; and a vertical lift for routing the door directly above the door opening. In addition, track configurations can be easily customized to accommodate even the most unique installation challenges.

Advanced technology, unique design features
FasTrax also incorporates advanced technology and a number of unique features that contribute to superior performance and optimum reliability.

Among the features is the Traxion drive system, which allows the doors to consistently and reliably operate at high speeds. To do so, specially formulated Nylon “spheres” are attached to the reinforced vertical edges of the door’s fabric curtain, which drive the door up and down. FasTrax doors are rated to operate up to100 inches per second (depending on door size) – contributing to plant productivity and energy savings.

Adding to performance and uptime is the FasTrax door’s technically advanced side frames. The powder coated aluminum side frames, which include specially engineered Lexan® guides, provide sufficient tension to hold the curtain firmly in place – yet allow the curtain to break out of the frame in the event of an accidental impact. When an impact does occur, the doors feature a fully automatic re-feed system. Unlike most competitive re-feed systems, which need to be reset after an impact, FasTrax easily and quickly channels the curtain back into the side frames without human intervention. With a side-frame width of 4.5 inches and a projection from the wall outward of 4.7 inches, the doors also take up minimal physical space.

FasTrax doors’ state-of-the-art standard safety features include two thru-beam photo eyes that constantly monitor the opening and reverse the downward direction when obstructed. Also standard is a soft-bottom edge that helps protect personnel from injury if an accidental impact occurs. Additionally, the soft-bottom edge prevents product damage and delivers a tight bottom seal.

Next generation freezer doors
Unique to FasTrax is the optional InsulMax insulated curtain, providing an R-4 insulated curtain with a Thermal Air Seal, making it the energy efficient way to handle the toughest cooler and freezer applications. It is the only insulated, upward acting high performance door on the market, reducing the need for energy inefficient heat lamps, which can cost thousands of dollars a year per door to operate.

A variety of options to choose from
FasTrax doors are available with a variety of additional options, including:

· Curtain fabric and vision panels: A range of fabrics is available to match the interior or exterior environment. Options include fabrics with nominal thicknesses of 40 mil, 60 mil or 80 mil. Additionally, the doors can be equipped with an R-4 insulated panel for cooler and freezer applications.
· Wind retention system: Rated at 25 MPH for interior doors and 75 MPH for exterior doors
· Advanced safety systems: For added protection, FasTrax doors can be equipped with the I-Zone™ Area Detection System, which uses infrared sensors to monitor both sides of a door opening. The system prevents the door from closing when a pedestrian enters a seven-foot safety zone. Another option is VirtualVision, which is ideal for doors without vision panels. VirtualVision alerts employees to objects moving on the opposite side of a closed door.

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