RX 50-16

Sept. 26, 2005
SUMMERVILLE, SC Linde Lift Truck Corporation has introduced the RX 50-16 3-wheel, rear-drive 24V Class I electric lift truck. This truck is designed for

SUMMERVILLE, SC – Linde Lift Truck Corporation has introduced the RX 50-16 3-wheel, rear-drive 24V Class I electric lift truck. This truck is designed for maneuverability and fl exibility in high-density warehousing and indoor/ outdoor loading applications. The RX 50-16 features variable wheelbase operation for optimizing traction, gradeability, travel comfort and maneuverability over a range of operational scenrios. Load capacity is 3500 lbs (1600
kg). Cushion and pneumatic tire variations are available.

The RX 50-16 uses a 24V, totally enclosed, 3-phase rear drive motor acting directly on the steered rear wheel. The design provides a number of battery-conserving and productivity benefi ts. For work cycles involving frequent tight turns, the RX 50-16 consumes up to 30% less energy than with twin-motor front-wheel drives. This is because the driving rear steered wheel scribes a longer driven turning radius, resulting in less friction and tire scrubbing.

The RX 50-16 digital control system modulates pump motor speed according to demand, following signals from the valve lever or the steering wheel to conserve battery charge. The hydraulic valving system is designed to minimize backpressure for additional battery savings.

Electrical regenerative braking feeds up to 15% of the motor’s driving energy back to the battery when the accelerator pedal is released. This energy-saving feature can lengthen operating cycles by as much as 1.5 hrs. Regenerative braking also reduces wear rate of the friction brake linings by 90%, signifi cantly reducing maintenance costs.

The RX 50-16 variable wheelbase feature further enhances the effi ciency and performance of the three-wheel, rear-drive design. A centrally located cylinder moves the front axle over a range of approximately 4” (100 mm) according to operational conditions. The extended wheelbase position offers better traction on inclines and improved driving comfort and safety when transporting loads. The short wheelbase position provides better maneuverability in restricted locations. While energy-effi cient, the drivetrain generates rapid acceleration and excellent gradeability and applies enough power to break loose wedged pallets quickly.

The drive controller is mounted within the counterweight, which acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat without additional fans and the noise they would otherwise generate. For safety and driving convenience, the controller can hold the truck motionless on a ramp without using the brakes. The controller also modulates travel speed relative New Three-Wheel, Rear-Drive Class 1 to the steering angle. There are fi ve selectable driving programs that tune the RX 50-16 reponse to the application or to driving preference. The driver’s seating and controls are designed with careful attention to ergonomics for comfort and productivity. The widely spaced, clear view mast with no hose reels offers high rigidity and multiple extension confi gurations, telescopic, hilo or triplex.

The RX 50-16 features onboard status recording, downloadable to mobile computing devices for maintenance administration. A CAN bus digital electrical system reduces the number of cables and plug connectors for improved reliability. The brushless drive motor is maintenance-free.

Further product information on the RX 50-16 lift truck is available by Clicking Here.

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