Spotlight on New Software

May 1, 2003
The following vendors have these new packages and software modules for sale: Manhattan Associates offers PkMS WMS software, but in December it bought

The following vendors have these new packages and software modules for sale:

Manhattan Associates offers PkMS WMS software, but in December it bought, a transportation management software firm. Now offered is bid procurement, which puts out bids to transportation vendors. Based on the amount of lanes and volume to ship, the software will come to a negotiation with carriers to determine who ships which volume from Point A to Point B.

Also offered is planning and execution for transportation based on cost, time of delivery, customer satisfaction, etc. The software can create this plan and communicate in real time with vendors for load tendering so vendors can accept or deny that offer.

The last component is over-the-road fleet management software for companies that own their own fleets.

Also, Manhattan has announced its intention to extend retail compliance guarantees to include new and emerging RFID standards for the retail supply chain. The company will expand its retail compliance guarantee for the top 100 global retailers and the top 100 U.S. retailers to include any new RFID standards.

Ann Arbor Computer continues to develop the I-Series browser modules. They have completed the I-View module designed to give managers a view into the day-to-day status of orders and inventories. The next module to be completed is I-Work which is a labor productivity tracking module designed to give managers a forecast of a wave of orders to be released to the floor and see what the labor requirements will be and how much time the task will take with the current number of workers. The software is based on real standards based on data gathered from RFDC terminals at the site or based on engineered standards.

Ann Arbor is also working on slotting software, giving you the ability to reslot product based on product velocity in the forward pick areas.

Also offered is pcASM, an advanced shipping management software for small parcel manifesting. It is Microsoft Windows-based to process packages for multiple carriers like UPS, FedEX, RPS, USPS and more.

HighJump Software has Delivery Advantage software that allows you to track inventory to the point of delivery or consumption of goods. Currently companies track this inventory manually. Buyers have complete visibility of goods within their warehouses, but once the goods leave, there is no visibility.

Best Software offers Peachtree Complete Accounting with Manufacturing Industry Kit. The software is for smaller manufacturers on a tight budget, for businesses under 20-50 workers. It has the basic accounting features, inventory management as well as manufacturing modules for streamlining manufacturing processes including kitting and light assembly. It is entry level software.

At DC Expo irista will announce version 8.4 of its iristaWarehouse software. Version 8.4 will allow you to better manage and control your work orders and raw materials for the production line. It will schedule the delivery of raw material based on the production schedule. It is an example of applying WMS to manufacturing.

J.D. Edwards has developed a new supply chain application for manufacturing and distribution companies. The J.D. Edwards Supply Chain Business Modeler consolidates data across a company's legacy system and other third-party software into a single database to help companies connect data from their advanced planning and scheduling software, for example. It manages data shared by planning, order management, multi-mode manufacturing and logistics software. It has a messaging component for supply chain event management. When a company buys another manufacturing firm, this software can be used to share information between the two companies' ERP systems.

Real Time Solutions offers a new release of the Go Kart orderpicking device. Buyers are trying to squeeze more productivity out of slow-moving items in their facilities. That doesn't qualify for advanced technology, but the cart system allows them to use pick-to-light and pick multiple orders in a pass. Featured are voice systems for full case picking or other areas to use. The firm also has integrated, multi-purpose handheld terminals to display system status and use it as an RF unit to scan locations and use it also as a voice unit.

SK Daifuku is moving to JAVA-based, object-oriented software. The company has several new installations with JAVA-based WMS. The long term benefits are easier modifications to the WMS, long term upgrades from one version to the next. Also taken into account is the labor pool of programmers coming out of college. SK believes the marketplace is expanding in the direction of JAVA.

Using JAVA, SK plans to keep costs under control for the purchase price and for ongoing software support.

Streamsoft and Quantronix have teamed up to provide integrated cubing and slotting capabilities for warehousers. The goal is item measuring and slotting in the warehouse. It will use QbitWIN software. The shift to opportunistic, real-time slotting in the warehouse will depend on real-time communication of accurate case dimensions and weights.

Radio Beacon Inc., a WMS vendor for the mid-market, and BHE Consulting have announced a partnership to offer integration between Radio Beacon's WMS and Best Software's MAS 500 Series manufacturing software.

TrenStar has released upgraded container management software. It lets companies in food and chemical industries track the physical status of a container and be alerted if it doesn't arrive with its contents intact.

Cadre Technologies now offers new Microsoft-based software modules for third-party logistics management using Web access.

LIS has released Version 7.4 of its Dispatcher-WMS software. It includes voice-directed picking, the ability to capture electronic signatures, enhanced lot control and remote warehouse control.

Fastpic Systems introduces five software packages that focus on inventory management, parts storage and orderpicking. The packages cover simple parts location to sophisticated batch picking, consolidating multiple work zones and reporting up to WMS, ERP or host software.

V3 Systems introduced Version 4.7 for third-party logistics and manufacturers of all sizes, including Tier 3. It is Web-based supply chain execution software.

Shippers using USF Corporations's five LTL companies now have greater control over their safety stock warehousing with USF Netv.3 software from USF Technology Services business Team. The new software, seamless to customers on, provides better visibility to shipments and planning of lead time for order placement. Customer input into site redesign was a critical element in achieving the goal of improved usability and functionality.

G-Log's Global Command and Control Center (GC3) software allows manufacturing and distribution companies to manage inventory whether it's at rest in a warehouse or in transit across the country or around the world. The Web-based GC3 system takes feeds from WMS, yard management systems, order management systems and the like to meet the decision-making requirements of every partner on the supply chain network, enabling better inventory management and increased throughput for both customers and suppliers. Using the software, from one to three days' worth of safety stock can be eliminated. The software reacts to unexpected supply chain events like short-shipped quantities.