Manugistics and Mxi Technologies Join Forces

April 1, 2003
FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Apr 16, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Manugistics (Nasdaq:MANU), a leading provider of supply chain management and logistics solutions,

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Apr 16, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Manugistics (Nasdaq:MANU), a leading provider of supply chain management and logistics solutions, and Mxi Technologies, a specialized maker of aviation maintenance and engineering software, today announced from MRO 2003 that they have joined forces to deliver a powerful solution set that will enable aviation clients to optimize maintenance, repair & overhaul and supply chain planning operations. MRO 2003 is one of the largest events dedicated to the aviation maintenance industry.

"A large portion of an airline's total costs are tied to asset utilization, maintenance and spares inventory," commented Dwight Klappich, Senior Program Director with META Group. "Airlines need to reduce asset downtime through optimized maintenance planning, while also addressing strategic inventory planning and supplier management. Applying commercially available information technology to address these challenges represents a significant cost reduction opportunity for the aviation industry."

This combination of Mxi's Maintenix(R) and Manugistics' supply chain optimization suite will allow any carrier in the highly competitive aviation business to improve service levels, increase asset utilization and improve operating margins. As an advanced solution designed to streamline asset maintenance programs, Maintenix creates plans for future scheduled maintenance based on calendar days, flying hours or cycles, which can be predicted accurately based on expected flying patterns. Plans can then be easily adapted as changes to expected flight patterns inevitably take place. Maintenix captures accurate point-of-maintenance data on in-service failures and non-routine work, allowing unscheduled maintenance to be predicted with confidence as well.

These deterministic and probabilistic demand signals can then drive supply chain optimization, utilizing Manugistics' industry-proven solutions, which project demand for routine and non-routine materials and recommend an economical inventory planning strategy. Manugistics can also enable clients to automate communication with suppliers, resulting in an optimized fulfillment plan that helps assure that service targets are met at the lowest possible cost.

"The integration of maintenance and supply chain optimization has the potential to bring tremendous value to the aviation business," said Doug Brouse, Mxi Executive Vice President. "Maintenance is a key area for airlines to reduce their cost structure. Mxi is delighted to be working with Manugistics to combine our best-of-breed products to create this ground-breaking solution."

"Time is quite literally money for the airlines," commented Jeff Holmes, Executive Vice President and President of Government, Aerospace and Defense for Manugistics. "The costs are high when assets are out of service for maintenance. We look forward to working with industry leaders to deliver these key capabilities at such a critical time for the industry."