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ABB’s Smallest Robot

Oct. 21, 2009
ABB Robotics introduces its smallest multi-purpose robot, the IRB 120—a 55-pound, six-axis robot with a standard payload of 6.6 pounds.

Suitable for material handling and assembly of small parts, the IRB 120 has a vertical wrist payload of 8.8 pounds, a reach of 580 millimeters and stroke of 411 millimeters and can reach 112 millimeters below its base. The IRB 120 is available with a compact version of the IRC5 controller, which is compatible with standard and panel-mount IRC-5 controllers. The IRC5 compact controller will be available for other ABB robots in 2010.

ABB’s smallest robot can be mounted at any angle in a cell, on top of a machine or in close proximity to other robots on a line.

ABB Robotics