PanOS Platform(R) 3.0

Sept. 29, 2005
PanGo Networks, Inc. ( today introduced the PanOS Platform(R) 3.0, a location management platform that consumes and manages location

PanGo Networks, Inc. ( today introduced the PanOS Platform(R) 3.0, a location management platform that consumes and manages location information gathered from wireless and wired networks. The company also announced a new version of its industry-leading asset tracking application, PanGo Locator(R), and associated PanGo Active RFID Tag(R). The new products advance PanGo's position as the only provider of a valuable middleware platform and a turnkey active RFID system that uses standard Wi-Fi networks without the costly addition of a proprietary network overlay.

PanOS Platform(R)
The PanOS Platform makes important information about the location of key assets easily consumable by diverse enterprise applications such as asset management and workflow automation systems. The company's platform provides a means for businesses to add location-awareness or asset visibility to their existing systems without the costly expense of integrating to a multitude of proprietary programming interfaces.

As wireless networks and mobile workers become more pervasive, the location of assets and other elements of the physical world become more important. The PanOS Platform is the critical link between the growing number of location data sources and business applications. The PanOS Platform's Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows ISVs and large enterprise customers to integrate complex location services into their existing systems through standard web service interfaces. By adhering to a standards-based approach, the PanOS Platform is interoperable with and extensible to common market technologies and standards - J2EE, Microsoft .NET, XML, HTTP and Web services.

PanGo Locator(R)
PanGo Locator, the world's first Wi-Fi-based asset tracking application, now offers event-based notification capabilities, and tools that streamline implementation and usability. The new Notifier application is a location-based event management application that automatically sends
notifications and alerts based on user-defined, event-driven business rules, including asset location, duration of presence/absence and status. Notifier allows users to proactively and automatically track and set alerts regarding the location, status and security of important resources and equipment. Designed for end-users - e.g., nurses, plant managers, doctors, technicians and engineers - PanGo Locator now provides the most intuitive, web-based Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) with asset monitoring, reporting, notification and management capabilities all in a single system. Since its launch over a year ago, it has been deployed in dozens of hospitals and enterprise customer sites, delivering valuable operational benefits and ROI.

Gary Bayston, Manager of Biomedical Engineering, Rockford Memorial Hospital immediately recognized the ROI potential of Wi-Fi enabled real time asset tracking based on a recent study conducted throughout the hospital, determining that nursing, support services and biomedical engineers spent a combined total of 7,760 minutes per month searching for lost mobile equipment. This translated to over $4,000 per day or $1,460,000 per year of lost productivity. The analysis also revealed redundancies in workflow as a result of time consuming equipment searches. According to Bayston, "The savings from productivity improvements alone will more than justify the system. The reduction in equipment rentals and lost assets just make the payback that much better." In October, Rockford will begin the second phase of its RFID implementation which will include an additional 600 assets.

Active RFID Tag
PanGo's Active RFID Tag is a next-generation Wi-Fi-based tag offering a compact size that is 50% smaller than its predecessor and offers extended battery life, wireless security and motion and status reporting capabilities. Unlike other active RFID tags that only "chirp" simple
identification data, PanGo offers the only active RFID tag with two location and reporting modes. The tag's Wi-Fi mode is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11 b/g standards and enables advanced features like over-the-air configuration management and tag status updates - e.g., motion reporting via an integrated motion sensor and low battery alerts. In a second mode, the tag reports its identification information in a short radio-frequency "beacon," which further extends battery life and is interoperable with third-party location technologies like Cisco's Series 2700 Series Location Appliance.

"Unmatched innovation, interoperability and flexibility continue to win over customers determined to improve enterprise asset visibility," said Mike McGuinness, President and CEO of PanGo. "Our continued investment in market-leading solutions is evidence that we are dedicated to simplifying and speeding the deployment and use of location-aware technologies for our customers and partners."

"Real Time location-based solutions have proven to be a critical ROI-enabler for enterprises seeking to manage mobile assets and reduce capital expenditures associated with hardware redundancies," said Gene Signorini, Director, Wireless/Mobile Enterprise Solutions, Yankee Group. "The rapid adoption of RTLS will call for intelligent middleware and applications that can handle various types of location information. PanGo applications embody the new class of technology that the RTLS market was missing"

PanGo(R) - Enabling The Location-Aware Enterprise
PanGo Networks(R) is the leading provider of platforms and applications for the location-aware enterprise. PanGo's integrated location solutions allow organizations to leverage location-based information from the network and transform off-the-shelf WLAN infrastructure into a platform for intelligent applications that improve important business processes. With its flagship PanOS Platform(R) and asset tracking applications, PanGo offers the industry's first complete framework for real-time asset visibility and context-aware information delivery. Specializing in a range of markets including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and government, PanGo delivers reliable and accurate information about the location of connected devices, people and assets.

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