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Nov. 8, 2005
(Cincinnati, OH, USA) FKI Logistex a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, introduces Accupass, the new pick-and-pass transfer conveyor
(Cincinnati, OH, USA) FKI Logistex® a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, introduces Accupass™, the new pick-and-pass transfer conveyor that provides excellent package control within a fully designed, pre-engineered modular system. Accupass is developed for the demands of traditional pick-and-pass transfer layouts. Its modular design minimizes field installation time compared to traditional pick-and-pass transfer technologies and enables it to be built in a variety of configurations without requiring additional specialized engineering. Fully-compatible with the entire line of FKI Logistex conveyors, Accupass would most commonly be used with FKI Logistex Accuzone® or Accuglide® conveyor systems in pick-and-pass operations. Accupass borrows Accuzone's proven 24-volt motorized roller technology, operating at rates of up to 30 packages per minute and weight capacities up to 75 lbs. Like Accuzone, Accupass only runs on demand, producing significant energy savings over traditional conveyor systems. Because Accupass is an entirely 24-volt-built system, it requires no compressed air or high-voltage drops.
In a typical installation, Accupass would sit in a horizontal series at key points of a central infeed conveyor, scanning the open carton's or tote's identifying label and transferring it left or right to conveyors feeding product pick zones. At the pick zones, product is picked into the cartons or totes and then passed along their destination route. Accupass can serve a similar function in zone-routing cartons or totes. Utilizing a modular wiring and controls scheme that allows the end user to select the type of network used to control it, Accupass easily integrates with the PLCs or high-level control systems normally employed in typical distribution centers. All Accupass transfer modules are tested and calibrated at the FKI Logistex factory in Cincinnati, Ohio before being shipped to the job site. For sales and marketing information, contact Emily Steffens, marketing coordinator, FKI Logistex North America, by phone at (513) 881-5239 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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