CubiScan 100

April 13, 2009
Inaccurate cube data could be costing you thousands of dollars.
The CubiScan 100 automated cubing and weighing system is a valuable tool that provides critical cube and weight data in warehousing and distribution applications. It enables DC managers to configure their facility, implement a WMS more effectively and store SKUs in the most space-efficient locations relative to dimensions, weight, and velocity (i.e. slotting). However, using dimensions to optimize available warehouse space is only part of the overall benefit of having accurate cube and weight. Additional savings are realized in picking, carton selection and packing functions. For example, during the picking process, accurate cube data can be used by the WMS and/or picking sub-system to assure orders are consolidated and prepared more efficiently. With proper cartonization—using dims and weight—orders can be packed in the smallest and fewest number of cartons possible. This, in turn, significantly reduces the size and number of parcels to be shipped so transportation and dimensional-weight shipping charges are minimized. The resultant savings in space, staffing, and money go directly to your bottom line. By collecting accurate dimensions at the time inbound SKUs are received, and feeding that information to your WMS via a flexible yet powerful CubiScan data interface, you will: • Minimize shipping charges
• Reduce transportation costs (fuel and labor) • Decrease the number of cartons needed for pick orders • Lessen the amount and cost of packaging material needed to fill orders • Minimize picking personnel • Lower the number of “touches” in the picking and shipping process For more information, call (800) 488-CUBE (2823) or visit our Web site at and view the CubiScan 100 in action. Now with reduced pricing, see how affordable a CubiScan can be.