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Pulses Plus

Nov. 7, 2005
Port Washington, NY - Rapid advances in GPS tracking and RFID technology are enabling containers, trailers, cargo and other assets to be tracked with
Port Washington, NY - Rapid advances in GPS tracking and RFID technology are enabling containers, trailers, cargo and other assets to be tracked with pinpoint accuracy. As this technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, greater demands are being placed on the batteries that drive these devices, allowing the devices to work for extended periods of time without replacing the battery or plugging into an outside power source. To meet the needs of advanced GPS tracking and RFID applications, Tadiran has introduced the Pulses PlusTM battery, a high energy Lithium thionyl chloride battery designed for GPS tracking, RFID and other high pulse applications. Tadiran Pulses PlusTM batteries offer significant advantages to manufacturers of vehicle or container tracking equipment. For stand alone systems, where the asset is disconnected from an outside energy source for extended periods of time (for example, in a parking lot, warehouse, or on a train or ship), the Pulses PlusTM battery can enable years of continuous operation without the need for battery replacement or connection to outside power systems.
Pulses Plus batteries can also withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -40°C to +85° C. (Other battery technologies operate in a range of -10°C to +60° C.) The narrow temperature range of ordinary batteries remains a significant problem for stand alone containers and trailers, since these units are often exposed to the elements without climate control systems. Tadiran Pulses PlusTM 3.6V primary batteries utilize Lithium thionyl chloride chemistry to deliver the higher voltage, higher capacity and lower self-discharge demanded by GPS/RFID applications. These batteries also offer unmatched service life due to their extremely low self-discharge. A unique hermetically sealed Hybrid Layer Capacitor (HLC) and bobbin type construction combine to deliver greater performance and safety compared to spiral wound batteries. These performance advantages include:
  • Higher voltage - 3.6V versus 3.0V
  • Higher capacity - e.g. 19Ah for D size cell (versus 7 Ah for other Lithium batteries). Other sizes at equally higher capacity.
  • Lower self discharge - less than 2% per year (versus 5% per year with spiral wound)
  • Lower ESR (Equivalent Serial Resistance)
  • Widest operating temperature - -40°C to 85°C (versus 0°C to 60°C)
  • Greater safety - in comparison to other Lithium chemistries (LiSO2 and LiMNO2)

Tadiran Pulses PlusTM batteries come in a variety of configurations, including cylindrical cells and battery packs. Models come in a wide variety of sizes and capacity ranges to meet virtually any requirement. Tadiran Pulses PlusTM Plus batteries are manufactured to ISO 9001 certified standards. They are UL-recognized and made with an exclusive glass-to-metal hermetic seal to protect against leakage.

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