Five Tips for Keeping Holiday Shoppers Happy

Dec. 1, 2004
Many leading online retailers have long been prepared for this day and the coming month-long holiday shopping blitz, but for those marketers who got caught

Many leading online retailers have long been prepared for this day and the coming month-long holiday shopping blitz, but for those marketers who got caught up in planning traditional advertising efforts or overlooked the importance of online holiday sales this year, Range Online Media can help with its last minute Holiday Tip List for Online Retailers.

Range Online Media has identified five quick tips that any retailer can implement to boost online sales this holiday season and capitalize on the growing percentage of online shoppers. With online spending up 29 percent for the year and online spending during the holiday months expected to total almost $17 billion (according to eMarketer), online retailers have a lot to gain this season. And checking this list twice is a must-do for retailers across the nation!

Range's Holiday Tip List

  1. Call Your Customers to Action! Make sure there is a call to action in your keyword placement advertising. Give them a reason to click in, whether it is shipping offers, financing promotions, delivery deadlines, special holiday inventory, etc... Look at what your competitors are touting in their copy and make sure your offers are more compelling.
  2. Present Cohesive Marketing Messages to Customers. Make sure your marketing messages are cohesive. The message, offers, theme, taglines, etc should be the same across all of your marketing channels. Television, radio, print and direct mail should be mirrored in your online messaging. While consumer shopping habits are becoming more fragmented; their time spent shopping is becoming more constant. They are shopping, in one form or another day and night. They may scan the ads in their daily newspaper that morning, listen to ads on the radio while in the car and then later search for those offers online while at work or back at home that evening. Don't confuse them with mixed messages.
  3. Communicate Online Offers with In-Store Reps. If you are a brick-and-mortar retailer with an online store as well, make certain that your in-store staff is trained and aware of separate offers and policies that are being offered online. The customer expects the staff to act as if the online store and your physical stores are one in the same. Your staff needs make the relationship and process appear seamless.
  4. Inventory! Inventory! Inventory! Keep up with your online inventory and remove items when they are out of stock. Nothing frustrates your customers more than going through the entire order process only to find out it is sold out.
  5. Clearly Post Accurate Shipping Dates. Make sure that you SCREAM out loud on your landing pages when your shipping deadlines are. Consumers are not forgiving during the holiday season. They trust YOU to make their holidays a memorable one. Don't let them down.

    For more details on this Holiday Tip List for Online Retailers or if you have questions, please contact Michelle Jackson at 610-642-8253 ext. 18 or email: [email protected].