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Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyor

July 7, 2010
Spiroflow Systems, Inc. introduces their newest Flexible Screw Conveyor (FSC) that moves dry bulk solids and ingredients

The direct electric motor-driven spiral screw, allows the conveyor to rotate at faster speeds than the previous model. Unnecessary parts have been eliminated for a more sanitary modular design with greater adaptability to new applications.

According to Spiroflow, the only moving part is the spiral screw that rotates material within a sealed tube and moves it along by a homogenizing conveying action. Faster rotation of the spiral screw increases capacity allowing the use of a smaller conveyor to handle larger loads.

The FSC meets the hygienic conveying needs demanded by the food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Spiroflow’s upgraded spiral screws are available in ultra-high grade, heat-tempered stainless steel or heat-treated spring steel. The Spiroflow’ FSC can be cleaned by reversing the motor and dry brushing or flushing with liquid. Optional interlocked connectors permit rapid dismantling and reassembly. The conveying system is fully enclosed and can be configured to operate in any direction and elevation between horizontal and vertical. Multiple conveyors can also be linked.

Nine models of the new FSC are available, with throughputs from 10 to 88,000 pounds per hour. Units are also available for heavy-duty applications involving highly abrasive materials such as metals, aggregates and glass cullet and for applications in explosive atmospheres that can be designed to comply with NEMA and/or ATEX applications. Fully antistatic machines are also available eliminating static build up.

Three types of spiral screws are available. The standard round screw can be used for most applications, a flat screw for certain light or aerated products and a beveled screw for more difficult materials such as iron oxide or products that smear such as chocolate.
Three types of pneumatic powered ‘Massage’ Paddles are available from Spiroflow Systems to aid the flow of cohesive, sticky materials. The massagers work by ‘earth quaking’ compacted materials and by pushing material from the extremities of the bag.

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