Environmental Indicators

Feb. 4, 2008
DALLAS - With vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other perishables being shipped globally, ShockWatch and its Environmental Indicators have been onboard to

DALLAS - With vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other perishables being shipped globally, ShockWatch and its Environmental Indicators have been onboard to provide a proactive approach to the treatment of temperature-sensitive products by handlers. Now, ShockWatch – the global leader in developing and manufacturing damage prevention products – is increasing damage prevention awareness by adding companion labels, tear-away records and easy-to-read insert cards to shipments monitored by ShockWatch’s Environmental Indicators. Not only does the Environmental Indicators system inform the shipment recipient of the product’s status, it also alerts handlers that the shipment is being watched – providing reinforcement to deter mishandling – and addresses the necessary steps to take if the indicator is activated.

If a shipment of pharmaceuticals or other perishable items were left in an unacceptable environment, it might experience bacterial growth, contamination or spoilage during transit. ShockWatch’s five Environmental Indicators – ColdMark™, WarmMark™, WarmMark™ Duo, WarmMark™ Long Run and HeatWatch – determine shipment status immediately. Each indicator is unique in design and meets the needs of a wide range of environmentally sensitive goods, including perishable foods, blood/plasma, vaccines, chemicals, cosmetics, electronic components and live plants or animals.

“Consumers are dependent upon vaccines and other pharmaceuticals that improve quality of life,” said Angela Kerr, shipping and handling product manager at ShockWatch. “The use of ShockWatch’s Environmental Indicators system can help prevent shortages from occurring by bringing increased awareness to the shipment’s handlers. Now, businesses shipping any temperature-sensitive goods have the ability to deter the problem before it becomes one.”

The real beauty of the Environmental Indicators system might just be its simplicity. The user-friendly indicators adhere to any environmentally sensitive product the user wishes to monitor during transit while the highly visible companion labels are placed on the outside of the box or crate. On the receiving end, the indicator gives the product recipient a quick, definitive answer on whether the shipment has met environmental standards during transit, and the insert cards remind the user of appropriate courses of action. Additionally, the companion labels come with a tear-away record for recipients to log any issues and hold carriers accountable.

“Our Environmental Indicators system enables you to take complete control of your shipped goods – even when you can’t be there,” Kerr said. “ShockWatch Environmental Indicators monitor the unknown, but it’s the entire system that helps provide visible reinforcement. Sure, the product can leave at the right temperature and arrive at the right temperature, but what about in between? That’s where we come in.”

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