LANpoint XL

Sept. 14, 2006
These rugged, high-powered and compact full screen AutoID computers are designed for demanding manufacturing and warehousing AutoID data collection applications.

These rugged, high-powered and compact full screen AutoID computers are designed for demanding manufacturing and warehousing AutoID data collection applications. Their compact and attractive coated aluminum NEMA 4/IP65 water and dust proof case easily handles dusty, dirty, or spray down environments. In addition, these full screen terminals are shock and vibration certified by an independent lab to Class 7M3 according to EN 60721-3. A P-III Class 400MHz or optional 733MHZ processor running Microsoft's Windows CE.NET powers the LANpoint XL terminals. The base models have 128MB of RAM expandable to 512MB, and 128MB of non-volatile mass storage expandable to 2GB via Compact Flash cards. The LANpoint XL terminal supports Cisco's 350 Series RF Wireless IEEE 802.11b cards. The LANpoint XL has all the industrial features demanded by operations and IT professionals alike. Having no moving internal parts and an extremely rugged shock and vibration rated case, the LANpoint XL is suited for long life in harsh manufacturing and distribution center environments.

The LANpoint XL data collection terminals are based on Microsoft's Windows CE.NET (Windows CE 4.2), which provides a stable and flexible embedded operating system for enterprise devices such as vehicle and fixed -mount data collection terminals, logic controllers, thin clients, handhelds, and advanced consumer electronics. Windows CE.NET features the familiar Windows GUI environment, offers enhanced 802.11b wireless support and security, and the functionality of an Internet Explorer 6.0 Web browser. Optional models with Microsoft's XP Embedded OS are also available. With LANpoint XL, programmers can use their existing desktop development skills with Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET development tools for creating custom managed-code solutions in either Visual Basic.NET or Visual C#.NET and Microsoft's eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 is also available.

The color touch screen displays come in 10.4" or 12.1" models and choices of either 300 or 400 nit brightness and 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolutions. Users can use the touch screen option to launch easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) applications without the need for an external pointing device. The analog resistive touch screen includes hard coat and anti-glare surface treatments to make the touch screen models tough and easy to view inside or out. An optional display heater is available for extended temperature requirements to -30 C.

Standard network management and utility software included with the LANpoint XL software development kit (SDK) includes TCP/IP, MSMQ, and Microsoft Terminal Services Client. In addition, all popular terminal emulation interfaces are available - VT, HP, IBM5250, and IBM3270.

The LANpoint XL features a 25-function keyboard mounted within the terminal display's bezel. The keys provide excellent tactile feedback and are large enough for use with gloved fingers, yet compact enough to allow a small overall footprint. An optional bracket mount Qwerty external keyboard is available in addition to the front bezel keyboard.

LANpoint XL is compatible with most third party AutoID/RFID devices via the two standard RS-232 COM ports and USB 1.1 connectors. A PS/2 connector allows use of wedge readers as well as external keyboards. The wide range of readily available software programmability, and a full selection of display sizes and brightness, optional external keyboards, mounting options, and accessory features and options make for unparalleled ease of implementation and system management. These mobile data collection terminals provide an extreme modular and flexible user interface that is suited for any real-time data capture activity.

The full screen LANpoint XL vehicle-mount data collection terminals and accessories are available for delivery now. Value Added Resellers (VARs) are welcomed and quantity discounts are available to qualified accounts. A full line of accessories and options is available, from AutoID devices to mounting installation kits. Intelligent Instrumentation provides everything necessary to get the LANpoint XL terminals installed and running quickly.

Intelligent Instrumentation's FactoryView is a family of products interfacing the machines, processes, and operations of an enterprise to data management systems allowing for greater productivity and systems ROI. The company offers an extensive line of Vehicle, Mobile, Portable and Stationary LANpoint Data Collection Terminals backed by nearly 30 years of industry experience. The company also manufactures EDAS, Ethernet I/O systems for remote data acquisition, data logging, and machine monitoring and control applications. The company has a network of sales and service offices, including Factory View Solution Partners (FVSP), in more than 35 countries worldwide.

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