Jan. 30, 2009
CHARLOTTE, NC - A Model Bulk Bag Filler now available from Spiroflow Systems, Inc. provides an ideal solution for users wishing to fill bags by weight

CHARLOTTE, NC - A Model ‘C1-2’ ‘Spirofil’ Bulk Bag Filler now available from Spiroflow Systems, Inc. provides an ideal solution for users wishing to fill bags by weight whether for internal production requirements or to meet NTEP approval for re-sale.

The Model ‘C1-2’ ‘Spirofil’ Bulk Bag Filler includes a load-cell mounted weigh platform that can be NTEP approved if the contents of the filled bags are for re-sale by weight. NTEP approval is not required if the contents of the bags are for use elsewhere in the production process. Filling rates of up to 20 bags per hour are possible with integral roller conveyors and other options that allow further automation of the system.

The Model ‘C1-2’ Fill by Weight Bag Filler has broad industrial applications in numerous industries from chemical to food, dairy, pharmaceutical to animal feed, plastics, minerals and aggregates.

According to Spiroflow Systems, all ‘Spirofil’ Bulk Bag Fillers are designed to ensure bags are filled in a dust-free manner, without spillage and to the desired weight. Bags are filled to be erect and upright making them, not onlyaesthetically pleasing, but also stable enough for safe handling, storage and transportation.

The ‘C1-2’ Model ‘Spirofil’ offers the option of automatic operation of the bag hook latches, automatic deflation of the neck seal and automatic operation of powered rollers. This means that upon reaching the targeted weight, other than for the manual removal of the bag neck from the fill head, the bag is automatically removed from the filler and placed on an accumulating conveyor.This can be done to the front or to one side of the filler to suit the layout.

The bag neck can be tied while the bag is on the conveyor. This means a new bag can be rigged onto the filler. Depending on the length of the accumulating conveyor, bags can wait for collection by the lift truck without any interruption to the bag filling process.

Filling is through an inflatable neck seal for dust free filling with the bag contents controlled through the weigh batch controller, which closes the filler valve as soon as the desired weight is reached.

An annulus around the filling spout facilitates the escape of displaced air from the bag either through a filter sock, an integral filter unit of a central dust collection system in the facility.

Options include two variations of a 2-post design and one variation of a 4-post design. In the 2-post design, bag loops are supported on twin, horizontal tubular supports or suspended from manually operated latchable hooks. With a 4-post design, bag loops are suspended from manually operated latchable hooks.

The filling rate of up to 20 bags an hour depends on the ‘flowability’ of the product, the storage hopper or conveyor that delivers the product to the filling machine, the size, shape and design of the bulk bag, the number and work rate of employees responsible for rigging empty bags and tying off full ones and the availability of the lift truck to remove the bag immediately after it is tied off.

Accommodating Different Size Bags
Also available from Spiroflow Systems is a ‘Spirofil' Model ‘C3’ Bag Filler with automatic height adjustment to accommodate bags of different sizes. This is available with the options of Filling-by-Volume or Filling-by-Weight models.

Besides the Model ‘C1-2’ and ‘C3’ ‘Spirofil’ Bulk Bag Fillers, Bulk Bag Fillers in the range include a ‘Spirofil’ Model for Filling-by-Volume and a Simple Support Frame.

If no lift truck is available, Spiroflow Systems also offers ‘Spirofil’ Bulk Bag (FIBC) fillers for removal of bags by pallet jack.

For more information on the Spiroflow Systems Bulk Bag Filler-by-Weight, the complete range of bulk bag fillers, ‘Spiroflow’ Bulk Bag Dischargers or other powder handling equipment, visit www.spiroflowsystems.com, call 704-291-9595, fax 704-291-9594 or email [email protected].