Nov. 13, 2008
Holliston, MA - AirMotion Sciences, Inc. recently announced the addition of 'MultiMode Control Capability' to their AltAir High Volume - Low Speed (HVLS)

Holliston, MA - AirMotion Sciences, Inc. recently announced the addition of 'MultiMode Control Capability' to their AltAir High Volume - Low Speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fans (Patent Pending). AirMotion's big fans have been specifically designed to improve facility environments while conserving the use of precious and costly energy resources by moving air more effectively and efficiently than other solutions. Compared to solar, wind, and many other energy technologies, the energy conservation pay back benefits of AirMotion AltAir fans begin immediately and are realized quickly.

AirMotion's HVLS fans are 9 to 15 feet in diameter, have small, highly energy efficient motors, and are used for cooling, heat de-stratification, ventilation, and as alternatives to air conditioning in large facilities. AltAir HVLS fans offer the performance of larger fans, but with much greater versatility, to reduce energy costs and environmental stress, while enhancing comfort and productivity. AirMotion's Next Generation HVLS fans already feature industry ground-breaking Variable Pitch Technology (VPT™), which enables their Rotatair™ composite blades to be adjusted 0 to 20 degrees, up or down, while the fan is operating. With their latest development, the proprietary capability to run AltAir fans in multiple modes, AirMotion Sciences' engineers have further improved upon their next generation of HVLS fans:

Manual Mode - Allows the user control of speed, pitch, and direction.

EcoMode - Programmed to select the most efficient blade pitch for a given fan RPM.

DeStrat Mode - The fan turns on automatically when there is a pre-set temperature difference between the fan and the fan's wall box control unit, shutting the fan off when the temperature difference is reduced to a set point.

AutoMode - Fans run automatically at speeds and pitch that are a function of temperature differences (a feature first developed for the US Navy, now incorporated in all AirMotion fans).

EXT Mode - The fan can be turned on and off using external devices such as timers and thermostats.

"This MultiMode capability puts users in control of how the fan operates, taking full advantage of our fans' versatility," says Peter Caruso, founder and CEO of AirMotion Sciences.

"Users can create what we refer to as Adjustable Air Movement in their facilities. When three or more AltAir HVLS fans are arranged in an array, it allows for what we call optimal CFM - Complete Facility Movement - of air, a capability exclusive to AirMotion Sciences' fans.

"We are building our Next Generation HVLS Fans to last, providing benefits now and for future generations. Just as importantly, we are bringing to market a critical tool for industry that results in immediate energy conservation and cost savings," according to Caruso. "In other words, users of our fans can 'Have Comfort While Conserving Energy.'"

For further information about AirMotion™ AltAir™ Next Generation HVLS Fans, or the company, please refer to our website