Product News

April 1, 2002
New products for the material handling industry.

The M3 High-Speed Rotary Labeling System applies labels to a container in wraparound, wipe-on or front and back modes in the same turret. The machine consists of quick-change, timed, matched tooling that allows an average changeover time of less than 10 minutes. ID Technology Corp.;, 888-438-3242.


The DXT-30 operates in 66-inch guided aisles. It is a 2,650-pound capacity, 3-wheel, 48-volt model with side-seated operator position and swing-away control arm. It also offers self-diagnostics and a battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt. Standard features include a high-visibility three-stage mast, 180-degree traversing turret head and regenerative braking. Drexel Industries;


These workstations help turn wasted space into functional areas. For carton filling, packing, manifesting, testing and small parts assembly, they help organize work areas, eliminate clutter and create a better product flow. Dehnco Equipment & Suppliers Inc.; 847-382-1579.


The SV Series bar code scanner and verifier system handles on-line scanning and verification of high-density bar codes. It analyzes and reports ANSI and conventional print quality parameters. RJS;, 800-840-4267.


Cadence fulfillment software consolidates warehouse management, order entry, transportation management and activity billing. The WMS portion organizes and improves product flow and throughput. It monitors and controls inventory and work activity throughout product movement. The TMS portion combines browser-based software and bar code scanning technology. The order management system lets sales and customer service representatives know immediately whether products are available from local, remote or virtual warehouses. The Activity Billing System tracks and bills all activities such as receiving, storage, picking, shipping and order capture. Cadre Technologies Inc.;, 866-252-2373.


The Model 2500K pit-mounted lift has a 6-by-8-foot platform and lifts up to 5,000 pounds. It’s powered by a 5 horsepower motor that raises and lowers the platform at a rate of 12 feet per minute. The platform travel distance is 58 inches. It accommodates all truckbed heights. Advance Lifts Inc.;, 800-843-3625.


Users can choose from several C-Series systems. The high-definition version printer can produce real-time, variable data; multiple-line text; on-line graphics, and all major bar codes onto porous outer case cartons. The valve jet printer uses water-based inks and is capable of line speeds to 115 fpm, producing text from 0.39- to 2.67-in. high. Domino Amjet Inc.;, 847-244-2501.


Here’s a solution to situations where companies must build a loading/unloading station to transport or receive bulk-liquids. This pre-fabricated system comes on the back of a skid. It includes transfer pumps, pipe racks, storage tanks, vaporizers, access equipment and control systems. Carbis Modular System;, 855-518-8677.


The multipurpose Codajet 6000 printer offers high resolution on-line printing of any characters, bar codes or graphics on corrugated cases and other packaging material. The system includes a print head, control panel, triggering sensor and ink cartridge. Single or continuously repeating messages can be printed at speeds to 100 mpm. Bar codes can be printed at 30 mpm. Standard software offers three character heights, up to four print lines, bar codes and a selection of logos. Griffin-Rutgers Co. Inc.;, 800-237-6713.


Momentum:Planning is the newest release of the Momentum software family. It combines and integrates strategic, tactical and operational funtions for third-party logistics providers and transportation arms of manufacturers and retailers in consumer products, electronics, food and beverage, and chemical marketplaces. It is built around CAPS Supplier Chain Designer, TransPro, RoutePro and BidPro technologies and integrates into most legacy or commercially available transportation management software. CAPS Logistics Inc.;


The Insulation Avoidance Connector is an alternative to other termination methods such as crimped, screw terminals and soldered contacts. The individual conductors are placed into an elastic insert and the assembly is then screwed together for a secure connection. The pin-shaped contact is forced into the end of the conductor, making contact with the stranded wires without removing insulation. The connector is rated for 4 amps. Turck Inc.;, 800-544-7769.


The EasyCoder Printer Mounting Kit works with MobileLAN 2102 access modules. The kit includes mounting brackets, cable and installation instructions and configuration information. It lets users print bar code labels across a wireless local area network. Intermec Technologies Corp.;, 800-347-2636.


The Ultra-SpillPallet P4 Plus handles loaded IBC tanks. Its polyethylene design can handle 9,000-pound loads. It also has a 4-way lift truck entry. A large 75-gallon sump captures nuisance leaks and spills. Height is 8-3/4 inches. The 52-by-52-inch deck surface has a non-slip surface and accommodates a range of IBC tanks. UltraTech International Inc.;, 800-353-1611.


The Pendant Station (PS) Controller, for overhead cranes, eliminates cables and cords. It uses remote control technology and provides up to three-speed operation and variable-frequency drive with one push-button. Each controller contains I-Key, which stores programming information on frequency, address and personality. The I-Key helps reduce the need for spare controllers. These controllers are available in three-motor, three-speed, dual-direction models with up to eight auxiliary functions. Cattron-Theimeg.


The 3115T flat panel computer handles light industrial applications. It comes with a 15-in. flat panel LCD and analog resistive touch-screen, Pentium III 850 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, and CD-ROM and floppy. It also has the following ports: an onboard 10/100 BaseT, two USB, two parallel printer, two RS-232 serial, one configurable RS-422/232/485 serial and a PS/2 keyboard and mouse port. Mounting options include panel mounting in a NEMA enclosure, to a wall or mounting to a VESA standard arm. Xycom Automation Inc.;, 800-289-9266.


Gravity flow line feed carts improve product visibility. Each angled-shelf cart has open-wire construction. Shelving is adjustable on 1-in. vertical increments and angles up to 30 degrees. Shelf dimensions provide enough space for double kitting, creating more room for inventory. All components are available by the piece for easy custom configuration. Options include dissipative split sleeves and drag chains for handling sensitive electronic products. Models are 69-in. high, and available in 36-, 48- and 60-in. lengths. Eagle MHC;, 800-637-5100.