ACSIS RFID Laboratory Open and Ready to Guarantee Wal-Mart Compliance

Dec. 1, 2003
MARLTON, N.J. ACSIS, Inc., focused on delivering supply chain and business process automation solutions for companies using SAP's Enterprise Resource

MARLTON, N.J. –– ACSIS, Inc., focused on delivering supply chain and business process automation solutions for companies using SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, today announced the immediate availability of its expanded RFID Laboratory to help Wal-Mart suppliers guarantee their compliance with the giant retailer's new radio frequency identification (RFID) mandates. Used in conjunction with the Acsis RFID Expert System, experienced Acsis consultants and field engineers generate detailed analytics defining point-by-point issues that impact wireless readings. By pinpointing problems in a laboratory setting, Acsis can then generate optimal conditions in a warehouse that meet Wal-Mart's quality specifications.

The RFID Laboratory is a critical component of Acsis' software and services offerings to help manufacturers comply with mandates from Wal-Mart to implement an RFID program in their factories, warehouses and distribution centers.

Acsis demonstrated its capabilities last week as one of a handful of vendors at EPCglobal's Technology Expo, held in conjunction with Wal-Mart's supplier briefing in Bentonville, Ark. EPCglobal develops and oversees standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network, an enabling technology developed by the MITAuto-IDCenterfor the standardization of real-time, automatic identification of supply chain assets. The conference was the first opportunity for many of the world's largest consumer products companies to convene with EPC-member supply chain planning and RFID technology providers.

"Acsis has already proven its automated data collection expertise at nearly 500 sites, helping companies like Bayer achieve nearly 100 percent accuracy using barcode and RFID solutions," said Steven G. Selfridge, Acsis' president and CEO. "Acsis has years of experience implementing mission-critical, enterprise-wide and scalable data collection solutions for many of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. The Acsis RFID Laboratory provides additional value to our customers and in turn, enables them to provide superior service to their business partners."

Using its RFID Laboratory, Acsis will guarantee tags and pallet and product configurations will meet Wal-Mart's quality specifications for EPC compliance.

Acsis experts can identify varying radio frequency characteristics and physical attributes of product and environmental factors that need to be addressed in order to successfully integrate RFID. Documented items to be delivered to companies include optimal RFID-reader and antenna configurations, RFID tagging and reading processes; and recommendations on any business-process changes needed to optimize the performance of RFID installations.

Based on the recommendations of Acsis' consultants and reports generated by the RFID Expert System, Acsis offers a pilot implementation program. Ensuring rapid pilot deployments, Acsis brings together an extensive network of RFID software and hardware partners and the company's own field engineers experienced in SAP system integration and consumer products implementations.

Acsis, Inc., is a worldwide leader in delivering supply chain solutions for companies deploying SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning software solution. Acsis can be found on the Web at