April 15, 2008
Springfield, OH - Konecranes Americas, a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses, introduces the K-Trac line of free-standing custom cranes. K-Trac

Springfield, OH - Konecranes Americas, a world-leading group of Lifting Businesses™, introduces the K-Trac line of free-standing custom cranes. K-Trac custom crane systems provide a cost-effective lifting solution designed to customer specifications with lifting capacities up to 3 ton.

The K-Trac crane system can be customized to accommodate design specifications that include runway and bridge length, post and hook height, and the location of electrical input. In addition, every K-Trac is modular, allowing for easy modification and reconfiguration in the field. The K-Trac maximizes the use of limited work areas. The raised bridge end provides maximum lift in restricted spaces such as low ceilings and elevated obstructions.

The open-ended, free-standing post design does not require cross-bracing or sway-bracing for ceiling mounted units. Free-standing posts allow for easy installation, mobility, relocation, and on-site changes. Short end-trucks allow for closer end approach, which ensures maximum coverage area for valuable floor space. The free-standing posts are built to withstand the hazards of the harsh factory environment. K-Trac can accommodate spans of up to 45 feet of obstruction-free runway and bridge. Longer spans result in fewer support points along the runway. This allows for less interference and more versatility in the work area.

The K-Trac custom crane system offers safe and easy movement of material. The articulation of the bridge's spherical hanger holds the end-truck wheels flat on the runway track, eliminating the need for guide rollers, and providing smooth motion during operation. Steel shielded bearings wrapped in Nylon 6 and impregnated with lubricants make the trolley movement effortless.

The Structures and Working Conditions analysis includes an examination of the crane's condition by evaluating the operating equipment, including: an ambient conditions analysis, a power supply analysis, a geometric analysis, and a steel structure analysis.

The K-Trac offers many options to ensure that the crane system selected meets the needs of the manufacturing production. Raised bridge ends, beam hangers, wall hangers, motorization, internal electric bar, hoist box, cantilever bridge, electric and air festooning, offset festooning, and the location of the electrical box are just a few of the options offered by K-Trac.

To find out more about K-Trac custom crane systems, or for other overhead lifting needs, contact Konecranes Americas, 4401 Gateway Boulevard, Springfield, OH 45502, by phone 937-525-5533, by fax 937-325-8945, or by using their toll free number 800-934-6976. You can also gain access to more information by checking out www.konecranesamericas.com.