Product News

March 1, 2004
NEW PALLET TRUCK FAMILY The WPN and RPN Series walkie and walkie rider pallet trucks are available in 6,000- and 8,000-lb capacities. The environmental


The WPN and RPN Series walkie and walkie rider pallet trucks are available in 6,000- and 8,000-lb capacities. The environmental package allows the trucks to be used in coolers, wet rooms and -20°F freezers without the need for thermostats or heaters. Standard features include smooth, separately excited control system with diagnostics and Spyglass display; soft-touch, low-effort switches; top-mount control handle with 190-degree steering arc each side of center; push-type lift linkage that provides 6 in. of lift; large rider platform; improved coast control and Sidetracker options; tilt-down load backrest and magnetic convenience tray options; and a cushioned platform mat option. Nissan Forklift Corp.,, 815-568-0061.


Heavy-duty trailer is built from plate steel welded over structural tube frame engineered with a reversible four-wheel steering mechanism. The trailer is 16 ft x 8 ft and has a 2.5-ft deck height. The fifth wheels at each end are connected by a structural tube tie rod that allows the trailer to maneuver in tighter spaces. The loop towing tongue is removable, allowing flexibility for towing from either end. Twelve 15 in. x 9 in. press-on polyurethane wheels with 2-in. tapered roller bearings spread the load over a larger area. Hamilton Caster & Mfg. Co.,, 800-733-7655.


The Bronco SCR programmable battery charger is designed for material handling applications that require battery charger flexibility. The charger can be programmed to charge any lift truck battery type and size within its operating range. An optional battery temperature probe enables the charger to adjust its output based on the battery’s temperature. A module that mounts on the battery automatically programs the charger every time the battery is connected. Applied Energy Solutions,, 800-836-2132.


The VPF-57-AIR Series compressed air-powered vacuum lifter features a large ergonomic front handlebar and can fit onto any crane or hoist. The lifter consumes only 6.5 scfm air, and has fully adjustable X-Y-Z vacuum suction pads to let one operator stack and unstack nested trays. Vacuum indicator gauges allow for easy operator viewing. The lifter has a check valve and vacuum reservoir to help maintain vacuum if the air supply is interrupted, and pulls a 24 in. Hg vacuum on most smooth, non-porous materials. Anver Corp.,, 800-654-3500.


The Ermanco right-angle sorter (ERS) is capable of sorting 40 mixed products per minute by picking them up “on-the-fly,” and the transfer requires no additional drives. The CRUZcontrol electronic sensing design features integral photoeye, solenoid valve and control module. The electronic sensing and control logic are built in, rather than added on at installation. This reduces field wiring, implementation time and expense. Ermanco,, 231-798-4547.


Bar storage rack is designed for organization of bar ends, saw drops and pipes. The uprights are one-quarter in. thick steel grid. Starter units have 500-lb capacity per opening, with 66 openings of total capacity at 16,000 lb. An add-on unit provides for an extra 5,300 lb. of capacity. Jarke Corp.,, 800-722-5255.


Custom-designed case inserts are designed for customized repair kits, electronic parts, field maintenance tools, and other products. The inserts are CNC-machined, which allows for easy revision without tooling, and are available in a wide variety of material, including molded and fabricated foams, thermoformed plastics, laminated composites and conductive material. Inserts feature one-piece construction and multiple cavity depths. UFP Technologies,, 978-352-2200.


The MHD machine mount for precision leveling provides vibration damping for machines that generate large dynamic forces, including industrial, plastic and injection molding applications. According to the manufacturer, the mount guarantees a precise fit between the leveling plate and the base, eliminating horizontal sway. Features include shock-absorbing rubber soles that reduce vibration by up to 80 percent; a nitrile rubber sole that prevents creeping and walking;, and screw-on installation. In addition, the mount offers a wide adjustment range of 30 mm, adjustment accuracy to 1/100 mm precision, and is designed to carry loads from 3,000 to 15,500 lb. Sunnex,, 800-445-7869.


The Quad Scissor lift has a 48- in. x 96-in. platform and can hoist a 6,000-lb load to a height of 21 ft. The lift has guide rollers that run within vertical channels from the lower floor level to the warehouse ceiling. Other features include chrome pins with maintenance-free bearings; full-width leg hinge pads; and a sealed hydraulic cylinder in which all components are continuously lubricated with fresh oil. Pentalift Equipment Corp.,, 519-763-3625.


The PE 4000 Series pallet truck is up to 45 percent heavier than industry pallet trucks. The additional steel is used at critical stress points. The pallet trucks have wear plates constructed of T1 steel and steel doors that guard against damage to internal components. The pallet truck also features the industry’s largest drive unit and a 13-in. drive tire. Optional features include Quick Coast (allows the truck to coast as the operator walks down the aisle performing low-level order picking) and QuickPick (permits operators to advance quickly and safely to the next pick location). Crown Equipment Corp.,, 419-629-2311.


SmartCart automatic guided carts are streamlined, battery-operated carts that follow an on-floor magnetic strip guidepath. The Model 100 has a 2,000-lb capacity, and the Model 200 has a 4,000-lb towing capacity and a live load capacity of 2,700 lb. The carts are designed to convey larger pallet- loads or to transport heavier component loads through assembly operations. The carts can be sized or optimized to meet production requirements. Other features include simple guidepath setup and modification; smart system controls; non-proprietary replacement parts; and easy maintenance. The manufacturer also offers a computer-based cart management system and wireless local area network for multiple cart systems. Jervis B. Webb Co.,, 248-553-1220.


The Model 44WH lift truck increases the lift capacity of the model line in the upper ranges of its lift height. Users with narrow aisle layouts will be able to access upper levels of their storage racks with heavier loads. For example, a load limit of 3,100 lb, safely handled at approximately 20 feet, increases more than 13 percent to 3,520 lb. This model offers capacities to 4,400 lb. An articulated design permits the mast, forks and front wheels to turn through 180 degrees so that loads can be placed in pallet openings on either side of the aisle. A side-shifter is standard and the truck can also be fitted with hydraulic fork spreaders to allow the operator to easily accommodate a variety of load lengths and pallet sizes. Aisle-Master,, 877-280-4910.


Horizontal slider bed belt conveyor has lengths starting at seven ft and ranging up in 2-ft increments. Intermediate sections are available in 6-, 8- and 10-ft lengths, and can be added with hand tools. Bed widths range from 12 in. to 42 in., and standard sections are6-, 8, and 10 ft long. Belts are 8 in. to 36 in. wide. The system has an adjustable floor to top of belt range of 31 in. to 36 in. Bilt-Rite Conveyors Inc.,, 973-546-1000.


Walk ramp transporter is intended for use with any aluminum walk ramp that is eight ft or longer. The ramp has a bolt-on design. The height can be adjusted with a manual hand crank, to a minimum lowered height of 12 in. The wheels are 10 in. x 3.5 in. pneumatic and are located at the balance point of the ramp. Vestil Mfg. Co.,, 800-348-0868.


The Workabout Pro is a Windows CE .NET-based hand-held computer that delivers the flexibility, performance and ruggedness required for data collection in harsh environments in a user-friendly, ergonomic package. A wide range of expansion, radio and data input options are augmented by extensive device customization capabilities. The Workabout Pro can be tailored to meet the exact needs of a mobile workforce, whether in manufacturing, distribution, field service, meter reading, retail, light-duty warehousing or third-party logistics markets. The computer uses standard radio technologies such as GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and 802.11b enabling it to integrate with existing or desired customer infrastructures. It is capable of supporting WAN, 802.11b and Bluetooth simultaneously. Available in two models, the entry-level Workabout Pro M features a monochrome touch display, 32MB Flash, 64MB SDRAM. The Workabout Pro C features a color touch display, an embedded Bluetooth radio, 32MB Flash and 128MB SDRAM. Psion Teklogix Inc.,, 905-813-9900.


The Checkpoint line of in-line checkweighers features electromagnetic force restoration technology. The weighers have a choice of rejection mechanisms that can be enabled to automatically remove packages that do not fall within a designated weight range from the production flow. The weighers come standard with three transport conveyors (infeed, weighing and outfeed) and a choice of sub-frame mounted air blast or pusher sort-ing mechanisms. Avery Weigh-Tronix,, 507-238-8253.