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1stSource Flexible Conveyors

Sept. 18, 2009
1st Source Products announces a new line of flexible conveyors called 1stFlex.

The 1stFlex 200 model for light/medium duty applications has a tubular-steel frame and resin skate wheels with internal steel ball bearings. A specially engineered internal structure produces low friction and excellent load bearing capacity, according to the company. The 200 model has a capacity of 90 pounds per foot.

The 1stFlex 300 model also features a steel frame and steel skate wheels with a service life of more than 10 million revolutions. The 300 model has a capacity of 300 pounds per foot.

Both models can be adjusted for height from 18 to 40 inches. Users can select lengths of 12 to 24 feet and conveyor widths from 18 to 24 inches. Leg connector brackets allow the conveyors to be connected to other flexible conveyors, and an integral package stop prevents packages from falling off the conveyor.

1st Source Products