Dec. 12, 2008
(ST. LOUIS) FKI Logistex, announced the North American launch of the Logistex MR200 Motorized Roller Conveyor, a time-saving, energy-efficient system

(ST. LOUIS) FKI Logistex®, announced the North American launch of the Logistex MR200 Motorized Roller Conveyor, a time-saving, energy-efficient system that is part of the company’s new Logistex Case Conveyor Solutions (LCCS) product family. The MR200 provides 24-volt motorized roller zero-contact accumulation and features a standard control module for straightforward programming without the need for reengineering or additional tools.

The FKI Logistex MR200 arrives ready to plug-and-play, featuring a wide range of pre-programmed zone control options that can be changed using simple switch settings, without the need for software programming. Those looking for more customization can add a “zone director” to perform higher-level control actions, while taking advantage of the built-in zone logic control.

“The MR200 provides an entirely different approach to motorized roller controls,” said Steve Ackerman, president, FKI Logistex North America. “We used our extensive conveyor design experience to deliver a simple solution that enables customers to streamline conveyor maintenance and operation while still maintaining the features necessary for today’s sophisticated automated systems.”

The MR200 features run-on-demand logic and all-electrical design, significantly increasing energy savings over a conventional conveyor. The MR200 reduces wiring and includes robust, molded connections that decrease potential points of failure. Additionally, integral wiring and hardware LED status indicators simplify diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The MR200 is part of the fully interoperable LCCS product line, which includes the RT200 Right-Angle Transfer System and the NB200 Narrow-Belt Driven Roller Conveyor. The LCCS family combines superior performance and reliability, maximum throughput and ease of maintenance with the latest energy-saving features to reduce operating costs. The run-on-demand capabilities minimize wear and energy consumption, increasing operating efficiency.
ZC200 Zone Control

The LCCS family takes advantage of the new Logistex ZC200 Zone Control that includes on-conveyor zero-contact and zero-pressure accumulation logic control. Each zone controller includes all pre-programmed zone logic options, reducing spare parts and eliminating the need for specialized controls expertise or configuration software for quick product changes.

The ZC200 handles simple to sophisticated control requirements with easy switch settings for flexible zone control modes, such as operator workstations, gates, singulation and slug release, merges and diverts. Custom logic control, status monitoring and system-level configuration can be accomplished by adding a “zone director” integrated via system level networking. Designed for minimal maintenance and reduced commissioning time, the ZC200’s built-in logic and integral wiring harness requires no tools for installation and commissioning.
The Logistex MR200 Motorized Roller Conveyor will make its North American debut at ProMat 2009 in Chicago, Ill., Jan. 12-15. The MR200 will be featured as part of a fully functional demonstration loop located at the FKI Logistex booth (#1003).

For more information, please contact Emily Smith, FKI Logistex North America, by phone at +1 513 881 5239 or by e-mail at [email protected].